In the digital age, not having a web presence for your business can make you go unnoticed. If your company cannot be found in search engines, it’s likely that in the eyes of your potential customers you don’t exist. But, for modern-day retailers and service providers having a website is no longer enough.

Your customers won’t be satisfied with a simple web presentation of your offer, they’ll want to shop online and it’s your job to give them what they want or be ready to give them away to competition.

Global reports show that in 2016, 40% of internet users purchased products and services online, thus spending the incredible 1.9 trillion US dollars. Experts predict that by 2020, this number will double — reaching the whopping 4.06 trillion!

No one can turn a blind eye to the importance of online shopping anymore. Luckily, for small biz owners this opens a world of opportunity. Do it properly and your biz can grow faster than ever!

Set up online payments without a web developer

The truth is — you don’t really need a developer! It only takes a few minutes to set up payment integration on forms and all you need is our Pro Plan that supports all major payments systems, including PayPal. And yes, we’re talking about online forms that can sell goods and services on your website for no more that the price of a pizza!

Start off with a free basic account to test payment integrations and once you know that this is a good solution for you, then subscribe to Pro Plan to utilize this feature on your forms. Once you buy our Pro plan monthly or yearly subscription, we don’t charge additionally for the transactions that go through your forms and you get our premium technical support, so that you can reach us while working inside EmailMeForm app anytime.

Sell on websites, blogs, and social media

Say you have a farm that produces organic fruits and vegetables and on your WordPress website and your Facebook page you want to showcase and sell those goods. Besides form embed options that work with any website, our forms integrate with various website hosting services and social media in just a few clicks. Here’s a free order form template that comes in handy for this type of farmers e-commerce:

Sell Vegetables Online
This is the checkout form template you can use

Launch a promotional campaign on your Facebook page to boost visibility, enlarge the number of followers, and start online buzz around your brand. Once you have the attention of crowds that like you, our checkout forms will help you sell them your goodies and services. In combination with a nice promo campaign — they will sell like hotcakes!

Great thing about our forms is that they function perfectly as stand-alone pages. If you don’t have a website to embed your form into, it will serve as a web page for your offer. Just send a link to your customers in an email or chat.

Online Payment Forms
Sell goodies and services with checkout forms

Have clients all over the world?

Fantastic! Our forms collect payments in any currency via global secure payment systems like PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, and

Trusted Online Payment Systems
Payment systems to collect payments with your forms

Let the data flow

Then there’s a handful of useful integrations to help you streamline data flows and organize work. What everyone likes about integrations is that they let you use the tools you like and just pour the data from your payment and order forms straight into those tools.

So, if a company uses Salesforce to manage customers or MailChimp to communicate with them, customer data collected through forms will be transferred to those apps instantly.

To automate invoicing and accounting, for example, there’s a convenient integration with FreshBooks. The form submission sends your client data to FreshBooks, so you can manage the boring side of e-commerce with greater ease, more pleasure, and in less time.

Another recommendation is taking advantage of merchant gateway like Chargify, which we integrate with to handle recurring subscription needs you may have.

Best of all, you need not worry about the technical side of these integrations, our team will fetch them for you, just give us a note on which ones you’d like to connect.

And they lived happily ever after…

Our story doesn’t end with a sale, oh no — it ends with a smile on your customer’s face and the engagement ring on their finger. To really get under their skin and stay close to their hearts, you need to keep talking, asking questions, saying thank you and come again. “Thank you” pages and autoresponders on all your forms will do this for you, just choose the right message and make it resonate with your brand. And don’t forget to send out satisfaction surveys and feedback forms as a followup to feel the sentiment towards your service.

Quick Feedback Form
Do your customers smile or frown when they think of you? :)

Promise fulfilled

We promised a quick and easy solution perfectly fit for small to medium businesses, artisan workshops, travel agents, car repair shops, nonprofit organizations, modern farmers, homemade goodies sellers, web shop owners, entrepreneurs, and alike — no hidden costs, no complicated installations, no need for a web developer. EmailMeForm lets you build your own forms with ready-made form fields or choose one of our templates to start from.

Finally, how secure are your transactions?

There are multiple levels of security that can be enabled on our forms to make them secure — SSL encryption, field encryption, and storage encryption for the files you receive via forms. This refers to keeping your data secure on our servers and while they travel from forms to the servers.

The transactions themselves are redirected to the payment gateways we integrate with and these global systems guarantee with their signature for the safety of your transactions.

Pro Advice: When setting up notifications for successful transactions to be delivered to your inbox, best is to mask sensitive fields like names, signatures, and ID numbers, so that they don’t show in the messages we send you. These data will be available in your secure EmailMeForm account.

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…to make online orders and purchases legit with a field that captures electronic signatures. It allows for signatures to be created via touchpad on smartphones or tablets by moving a finger on the screen. Ah, did we already mention that your forms are mobile friendly?

You’re not alone

Team Collaboration
Add team members to help you manage forms and replies

Yes, we know you have a great team that supports you in building an amazing online business. If you do everything together, you’ll be happy to know that 10 users can be added to your account and set up with different permissions for managing your forms, data, and reports. Share responsibilities and appoint the tasks — someone will do the accounting, someone will follow up on sales with calls, others will create data reports, and so on. While they do, everything is recorded in our detailed account activity logs that you can use to track tasks and work done.

Ready to set forth on your ecommerce journey?

Sign up for EmailMeForm’s form builder and try it out yourself. It’s really easy to use and requires no coding. We even offer custom form designs and setups that blend with your brand and website. If you’d rather have our experts handle this for you, don’t hesitate to ask for a free workflow review and a quote.

May the sales be with you!

Author Jovana Milankovic

Jovana Milankovic

Jovana is a content creator and marketing manager at EmailMeForm. Her job is to curate our software to the world and make it more human for our users.

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