If you were looking for a no-cost solution to help you create online contact forms quickly and painlessly — you’ve come to the right place and it’s perfectly OK if you have zero experience putting up a form. We’ll teach you how to create great contact forms with EmailMeForm’s free form builder, which basically has ready-made form fields that you can edit to fit your form.

This means that you can create, beautify, and share web forms without writing a single line of code. Plus, your free account comes with a secure database where you can store up to a 100 form submissions per month, which will surely help you get started and cover your basic needs. As your business grows, you can grow your package and get more powerful features.

Now, let’s get down to creating your first contact form!

Step 1: Create a free account

First, you’ll need to create your free account by signing up for EmailMeForm. We don’t ask for your credit card, nor do we limit the time you can use our software or your forms. Once you create them, they will be online forever, or at least until you decide to remove them.

Step 2: Meet your form builder

Once you get into the app, hit the “NEW” button and choose if you wish to start from blank or use contact form template you can adjust. We will examine the former, so you can DIY. Now you’re inside our colorful Form Builder interface that basically looks like a playground for you. Exactly how easy it is to use, too! Those blue, green, and orange boxes are form and survey fields for you to select and drag into the editor on the right.

Create your Free Online Forms with EmailMeForm
Drag & drop editor with form and survey fields

Step 3: Add form fields

Give your form a title and arrange the fields any way you like by dragging them around in the editor. Most common contact form fields are: Name, Address, Email, Phone, and Paragraph Text.

Pro Advice: Choose Dropdown field if you wish to categorize submissions according to the reason of contact (suggestions, complaints, requests, support…). This will help you browse through the entries and see the trends over time. Do users complain a lot? What are the main reasons for their contact? How many have requested this feature or service to be added?

Here’s our example of a bare 1-minute form with no style added: http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/q09ze6E0xe8i3B1ZS1l

Step 4: Customize fields

To edit any field, just click on it and you will find yourself in yet another easy to use and logical editor that will let you customize each of your fields according to its type and properties. We’ve invested a lot of thought into this system so that you don’t have to, just choose the best settings for your fields from the numerous options available. Each field has different options, so just go ahead and play around, you’ll discover many interesting and powerful customizations.

Step 5: Set up your form

Easy way to set up your online form
Easy form settings and customization options

Here you are at the final destination of your contact form creation! A few more clicks to go and your form will be ready for sharing. Head out to the last tab in your editor called Form Settings to fine tune your form’s behavior. You can choose the language of your form; write a custom confirmation message or redirect your form fillers to another web page; set up header, footer, and CAPTCHA spam protection, as well as the “Submit” button.

Advanced features like Form Activity controls, Password Protection, Multiple File Upload, Time Zone, Save & Resume, and Score are popular features that we offer *.

Step 6: Save & review your creation

Now that you’ve got everything the way you want it, hit the “Save Form” button and you’ll see a popup that asks what you want to do next:

Saving form for future use
Easy form settings and customization options

Step 7: Create a nice-looking theme

We strongly suggest that you design a theme for your form, because good looking forms really do grab more attention. Consequently, they tend to yield better results and higher completion rates, which basically is what you’re after, aren’t you?

Add a background image, put up your logo, change fonts, styles, buttons, colors, whatever works well with your website and brand.

Step 8: Choose who gets notified about entries

What happens when your forms get entries? Someone needs to know about this, so make sure you don’t miss out! Set up email notifications and we’ll email you submissions as soon as they arrive.

Step 9: Add team members

Need more eyes to follow up? Add more users within your organization to share work and track results as a team. Each form can be shared with team members with different permissions like: edit form, just view, access to form entries, and so on. Collaboration made easier! Plus the account owner has an overview of everything that happens within the app to track work and assign tasks successfully.

Team of people working on brainstorming their forms
Manage your online forms as a team

Step 10: Share your form

Last but not least — your form needs some love. Share it via a link, in which case we will host it as a stand-alone page on our secure servers, or embed it on your website (most common practice), blog or social media. Either way, sharing your contact forms is as easy as copying a code snippet and pasting it to where you want it on the web. In a matter of seconds, your form will be online and ready to start getting you contacts and leads!

If you need help creating a contact form — our CustomWorks Team can design, set up, and integrate a beautiful contact form for you business. What we do is look into your workflows to identify touchpoints where we can integrate forms that will help you automate processes and get you the right data from your customers, students, employees, etc. Then we set out to create attractive forms and integrate them with the apps you already use to manage your business (like Google apps, Salesforce, MailChimp, PayPal, and 50 more). If this is what you need, get in touch and we’ll give you a free workflow review and suggest the best form solutions to meet your requirements and help you gather contacts and data effectively.

* These features require Pro plan.

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