Not everyone can invest time in building complex and visually demanding forms. Thou it is true that form builder tools are getting more refined these days, there is still a good number of businesses that require highly advanced forms to meet their clients’ expectations and blend with their websites and social networks.

CustomWorks is a service designed by EmailMeForm to help businesses of all sizes, structures, and needs, reach their goals in collecting data, connecting the data to the apps they use, and automating workflows within their org.

Our CustomWorks ProServices team is formed by the best customer success members of our team. Internally, we call them ninjas. :) Each and every one of them has more than 5 years of experience relentlessly and devotedly assisting our users in their form building explorations. Having seen, fixed, and built millions of forms — CustomWorks knows how to bring forms into life based on specifications, requests, or even just ideas that our users come up with.

We often hear our users complain about the workflow holes that they are trying to patch with different software solutions. Our CustomWorks team would examine these data flows to provide a free consulting and solutions for form integration with popular apps our users use to automate business processes.

Even though it is fairly easy to build good-looking forms with our free form builder tool — creating a form that has custom design, features, logic rules, and is integrated with 3rd party apps, requires quite a few coding skills to be done right. For example, you can apply a theme to your form and customize it with many options available, but you won’t be able to create a completely custom form design to blend with your website and brand without using HTML and CSS codes. This holds true for all form builder tools.

With our Theme Creator, you can apply custom fonts, buttons, add your logo, catchy images, backgrounds, and styles. However, for a completely custom form built for your website or to serve as a standalone webpage for your offer, you can have our team do this for you.

Why choose CustomWorks instead of hiring a developer?

Time-saving solution

With more than a decade of experience, our team can create complex, beautiful, and powerful forms faster than any web developer. Besides, there’s a whole team working to get it out for you quickly. Once we design and set up your forms, we will embed them into your website, blog, or Facebook. Practically, what we offer is a full service for the fraction of price and time needed for a developer to do the same.

Cost-effective solution

Before you choose to entrust us with the creation of your forms, we will offer you a free workflow review and consulting with our experts. Our team will analyze your request to propose the best solution for your specific case and you will get our quote. Once we create the form(s), you will need to purchase Pro or Premier account since most of the advanced form features that our team uses to build powerful forms for you are available in these two plans. This also means that all advanced features, together with the access to our Premium customer support tier and a storage for your form submissions, will be available to you.

Secure storage for form entries

Both Pro and Premier plan are eligible for our CustomWorks service. Premier subscription is our enterprise solution that accommodates 100,000 form entries and comes with 50GB storage where you can store the files you receive with your forms. Pro plan offers the limit at 10,000 entries and 20GB storage. All your collected data will be accessible in your EmailMeForm account anytime you need them. Our servers are secure and constantly maintained by our engineers so you never have to worry about the safety of the data you store with us.

Premium support & maintenance

Reliable Technical Support When You Need It
Our team will always be there to support you and provide maintenance for your forms.

In case that anything goes wrong with your form, you can always reach out to our support. There’s an message option available inside the app and it is the quickest way for you to get help. Our ninjas will respond quickly and work together with you to help you remove any issues that might be impeding your work. This kind of security and reliability you cannot get from a developer whose work is done once they build a form and a database for you. We provide support and maintenance for as long as you are our user.

Email notifications

One of the most convenient features of our form builder is that it can send form entries to multiple email addresses that you connect. Just let us know which members of your team should get these notifications and we will set this up for you initially. Later on, if you need to make changes, you can do so easily within our Notifications settings.

Integration with the apps you use

One of the best things about CustomWorks service is that our team provides custom integration of your forms with the 3rd party apps you use in your everyday business. If, for example, you collect orders via forms, we can connect them with your Salesforce account so that every time you receive an order, the lead gets automatically created in Salesforce, together with customer-related data provided in the forms. This will enable you to keep track of your clients and their orders. Similarly, we can connect your entries with Dropbox, Google Apps, and other CRM, accounting, and marketing tools to make your work more streamlined and efficient.

Data reports

Advanced data reports will provide good insights about the use of your forms and the answers you get. For example, you can see the percentages of which service that you offer via forms gets ordered the most. If you have a customer support or feedback form that you use on your website, our reports will show you which is the most problematic issue that your customers are complaining about or find out what they like the most about your service.

Team collaboration

Once we build your forms, you don’t have to manage the responses all by yourself — your team can step in to help you out! We can set up your colleagues’ accounts with limited permissions to help you work with the forms and entries you collect. If you have multiple custom forms used by different departments, each form can have its own administrator, depending on the department that manages it.

Conditional form logic

Conditional Form Rules
We’ll set up smart conditioning on your form to make it easier to take.

Conditional logic makes smart forms. Some complex forms require a whole array of logic rules to be set up so that you can get the best results and not bother your form fillers with unnecessary questions. Rules allow form to show form takers a revenant set of questions based on their earlier response. Moreover, we can arrange for the notification emails to be sent to different people in your team depending on specific choices of a particular form field. Whatever your workflow requires, our forms can deliver.

Paper to online forms

One of the services very popular among our users is paper to digital online form cloning. We can do this for you. Paper forms are a blast from the past, they are extinct and there’s certainly a good reason for them to be forgotten. Online forms save everyone’s time and effort, and they save paper (read trees), too! If you need signatures to officialize your deals, our forms have the Digital Signature field, so no worries about that.

Did you make up your mind?

If you need a quick and professional solution for your web forms together with a secure database, advanced form features, premium support and technical maintenance, as well as automated data flows with app integrations — our CustomWorks ProService is the best solution for you. Get in touch with our CustomWorks specialists today to get a free workflow review and your quote.

Author Jovana Milankovic

Jovana Milankovic

Jovana is a content creator and marketing manager at EmailMeForm. Her job is to curate our software to the world and make it more human for our users.

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