If you’re one competitive educational institution who wants to win all the potential quality students that you connect with, you’re probably spending over 20% in marketing your message to prospects.

There are predictions on how higher education marketing is going to change in the years to come. Among those, personalized inquiry responses and data-driven decisions are the most notable ones.

grant application form for university
How does your university attract new students to enroll?

How can an educational institution attract new students, streamline enrollment processes, and manage student data without fully exploiting its personal and financial resources?

We say, educational forms and surveys. They help shape how you work within your institution.

Around 5% of our users come from the educational sector. We’ve helped them check student reports, organize student enrolments, connect with their alumni and sponsors, and more.

Here are a few good reasons why you should follow suit and integrate free online education forms into your system.

Organized Workflow and Data Management

The processes that occur in your institutional are usually routinary.

Enrolments happen regularly. You ask for the same information for every new student application. Semester events are predetermined. You get the picture.

students with attendance sheet template
Always think of online form filing systems that can help your team.

Once you have a workflow in place for each event, registration, and evaluation, it’s easy to copy the whole system.

For your online applications, you can reuse the same online enrollment form. A little edit on the header or content and you’re good to go. You can also allow students to download the grant application form from your university website. EmailMeForm forms are highly customizable, allowing you to copy and modify forms easily.

Each online form has its unique data storage. This allows for quick data analysis and report generation. For advanced data analytics, integrate your form with a CRM tool. You can also export the data and do your own spreadsheet analytics.

Strong Alumni Connection

Match the effort that you put in new student acquisition to the effort that you put into reaching out to your soon-to-be alumni. Invest in your graduating students.

student alumni subscription form
Connect with your graduating students and build connections.

Encourage them to fill up a subscription form for your school alumni newsletter to keep in touch. It’s a nice way to update them on the university that have nurtured them. Invite them to homecoming events and make them feel valued.

With our form’s payment feature, you can accept donations from grateful alumni from all over the globe.

And remember how data-driven decisions play an important factor in your marketing? Send your alumni an online survey. Ask them on their current employment and their thesis. Use the data to guide your institution’s growth.

Awesome Student-Teacher Interaction

Lastly, online forms can serve as a fun connection between students and teachers.

Think of how less intimidating online quizzes can be. No need for the students to worry about erasures and changing their answers. Students will feel at home for taking the exams on their computers and mobile phones.

students filling up teacher evaluation form
They don’t look so happy taking tests like this, eh?

A study has shown that through online quizzes, students “become actively engaged in the course material and study with greater frequency throughout the semester.”

Conversely, online forms can also serve as an anonymous surveys. Get honest opinions about the courses, the professors, workshops, and other school activities.

These are just a few examples of how an educational institution like yours can benefit from using online forms. You probably already have specific ideas on how you’re going to use them in your everyday workflow.

Envisioning a detailed and complex form? Our Customworks Team can help create one for you. If you’d rather to get started now, you can start with a free online education forms template here.

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Aiza Coronado

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