I’ve been using EmailMeForm Vault for quite some time but I didn’t know it could work this flexible!

Sounds like you? Then you deserve a pat on the back! You are doing business right. You are well versed with PCI COMPLIANCE. However, business owners who feel otherwise, please keep reading.

Using Vault is already a big stride for your business- Vault helps you with both online and offline payment processing. Just so you know, you protect your customers from data breaches by adhering to the PCI DSS Compliance regulations. And you are also making your business safe and free from fines.

Vault is the only online form solution with PCI certification. With it, you can securely collect and process credit card payments. You can use it to create a credit card authorization form so you can process payments on your clients’ behalf. EmailMeForm provides you a CCA Template to jumpstart.

But, hold-up! Your Vault can do more than that. With business transactions moving digitally, Vault is powerful enough that it can aid your Virtual Terminal or act as your online POS. Here’s what this post is about - maximizing your EmailMeForm Vault.

What’s more to EmailMeForm PCI Vault?

Compliance is your number one reason for choosing Vault. Like mentioned, Vault is a PCI certified solution. But also, it is your all-in-one solution for payment processing.

How? Businesses that use online billing can use Vault for easier transactions. The idea of accepting payments virtually from anywhere is now guaranteed by using a Virtual Terminal. As offered by major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net, merchants are required to input credit card details if their customers chose cc options. Your order form with Vault can capture the sensitive card data so you can enter the payment details securely. All that without unsafe card details solicitation from phone tagging, email, or fax.

Contactless transactions? Who needs the POS machine that can pose higher charge rates? EmailMeForm secure forms can capture complete card data without having to invest in pricey POS equipment. Your forms are your quick, easy option to collect payment information. Customers can confidently give up their purchase information including the complete cc numbers.

But my company does not process payments directly!

You may also use accounting software to help you manage online payments. Bookkeepers can use your form with Vault to collect credit card numbers. And if your form is integrated with apps like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or Zoho Book, you can easily send your customer data to create a customer profile automatically. There, process payments inside their customer profile. The data captured by Vault gives you the freedom to input their cc numbers to the accounting software manually. Simply put, Vault doesn’t stop when you have safely processed payments. You can store and retrieve the details whenever needed especially for recurring charges.

Leverage form integrations to payment processors. Do not limit yourself to 1 form when you can actually use multiple forms. We at EmailMeForm understand that your company processes your customer bills manually. For that, you can use Vault to capture cc data and retrieve the details later. Therefore, you still use what your finance department practices all along. No need to break the old habits.

By using a certified PCI Vault built by EmailMeForm, you can make the most out of your account. Manually process the payment, set up special invoices to re-bill the client, and capture, store, retrieve sensitive card data.

Therefore, it is convenient that the Vault can collect or provide the card data and that EmailMeForm supports payment integrations.

The advantage of using Vault goes beyond using it for online or offline processing.

EmailMeForm Vault is your Business Partner

You made the right decision of using EmailMeForm as your business leans toward secure information collection and processing. We provide you more value and a complete solution in all your business ventures. And as more transactions are now through credit cards, the online Vault solution will help your business grow exponentially.

We highly recommend that you choose to integrate your forms with our 50+ ready integrations plus another 2000+ as we partner up with Zapier.

Maximize the value of your Vault.

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