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Why connect EmailMeForm to Google Docs?

Google Docs is a web-based application that you can use to create documents online. Here, you can comment, edit, or share the file. By integrating EmailMeForm with Zapier you can connect to google doc so you build a new workflow that is free from errors. You transfer the data from your form into a document. The ease of data continuity will precisely improve how you store data.

How do our users use this?

The user creates a simple form that collects student information. Connecting Google doc to their form, each submission from your form is saved to a separate Google Document. An electronic signature is displayed on the created document since Google Docs supports basic HTML.

In addition, the integration is set up to automatically sort the files into different folders based on the Campus field. This makes it easier for the form owner to check the number of students per campus.

Steps to Connect EmailMeForm to Google docs with Zapier

  1. Authorize your EmailMeForm and Google Drive accounts in Zapier.
  2. Choose the app (EmailMeForm Live) and Action (GoogleDocs).
  3. Set up the event (new form submission) and trigger it in your Zap.
  4. Specify the form fields you wish to use as part of the new action.
  5. Don’t forget to save your settings!
Integrate EmailMeForm and Google Docs

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