Manage projects and track the progress of your team members. Give your team only specific access to where you are in the pipeline of projects.

Why connect EmailMeForm to Trello?

Trello is an excellent tool for easy supervision of project status. The simplicity of its hierarchy to organize tasks makes it a popular software for task management. Having Trello connected to your form allows you to align projects, even depending on importance and urgency, flawlessly. The automation guarantees that every new project request is not missed.

How do our users use this?

In this case, a user designates the form to take up any project requests. The integration creates a new Trello card for every submission from your form. The card is then created on a specific Trello board and list. Every card created is a design project that needs to be done. In addition, a due date for each card is added based on the Due Date field specified in the form. This integration ensures that the user can track all new or completed projects.

Steps to Connect EmailMeForm to Trello with Zapier

  1. Authorize your EmailMeForm and Trello accounts in Zapier.
  2. Choose the app (EmailMeForm Live) and Action (Trello).
  3. Set up the event (new form submission) and trigger (New board or card) in your Zap.
  4. Specify the form field/s you wish to include on your new Trello board/card.
  5. Don’t forget to save your settings!
Integrate EmailMeForm and Trello

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