Your website is the glue that holds your sales, marketing, and operations together. Using forms to collect data in the correct way can save you time, money and can grow your revenue while also providing an amazing user experience.

Let’s explore how EmailMeForm can help your business achieve this.

1. Collect Accurate Customer Data

Collecting accurate customer data is important, particularly if your business has customers in the EU where GDPR legislation can punish you with a fine for keeping inaccurate records. Creating a form with mandatory fields, email confirmation, and duplicate record checking will save you trouble in the long run and ensure your customer data is accurate. There’s nothing worse than paying for a business lead you can’t contact.

customer data collection
EmailMeForm allows you to validate your forms to ensure data is accurate.

2. Provide Customers with a Smooth Quote Journey

As a digital marketing trainer and speaker, I can’t stress enough the importance of providing customers with a smooth quote process, particularly for complex products. If a customer sees a long form with dozens of fields, they will often abandon it halfway through.

By breaking a form into stages, the customer feels rewarded for each step and is more likely to proceed to the end. It feels more like a quote journey, so they tend to stick around and complete the form.

break down long forms
EmailMeForm allows you to break forms into multiple steps for a smooth quote process.

3. Survey Existing Customers

Customer feedback is the best way to ensure your business is always able to meet your customers’ needs. You should create surveys to ask for feedback on products, feature suggestions, and customer service quality. To make the survey request as simple as possible, you should be able to share a link to the survey over email. EmailMeForm allows you to build a survey and share the link to it.

survey link
Create a survey with EmailMeForm and share a link to it in any way you like.

4. Collect Files and Documents Securely

If your business requires customers to upload documents, for example, a recruitment business asking for resumes or a blog asking for guest writers to submit articles, you can use EmailMeForm to collect customer documents as part of a form submission.

You can even customize the types of document that are allowed to be submitted, again ensuring that customer data is accurate. Be sure that your website has an SSL certificate and create a secure form with EmailMeForm.

file upload to forms
Choose which type of file you want your customers to upload, set file size limits and provide instructions.

5. Connect Your Forms to a CRM

If you manage your customers with a CRM system, EmailMeForm will allow you to connect your perfectly designed forms with the most popular CRM systems on the market, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Capusule, MailChimp and Zoho.

Make sure that any customer who completes a form is saved in your chosen CRM and manage them appropriately as a sales lead or maybe use marketing automation. Forms built into CRMs are often clunky, unattractive and difficult to customize. EmailMeForm allows you to create the perfect form and connect it to your chosen CRM.

business process improvement forms
EmailMeForm connects seamlessly with the best in class CRM systems.

6. Customize Your Forms Exactly as You Like

I mentioned form customization in the previous point, but the ability to create forms that match your business’ brand is vital. There is nothing worse than building a perfect website and embedding a form that looks like it doesn’t belong.

EmailMeForm caters for unlimited form customizations.

If you’re not very tech savvy and can’t write CSS code to style your forms, then don’t worry, you can use the form theme builder to customize forms as you like or you can ask CustomWorks specialists to do it for you.

Choose colors, font sizes, font styles and a logo to make your form match your brand. You can even customize the “submit” button with a tailored call to action.

customize forms
The possibilities are endless, style your forms to fit your brand.

7. Respond to Customer Requests, Set Expectations, and Cross Sell

Setting up an email autoresponder for forms is essential. It allows your customers to feel that their inquiry has been acknowledged but it’s also a key marketing opportunity for your business. Use the autoresponder message to connect the customer with other useful products and services or even invite them to read your blog while they wait for their inquiry to be fulfilled.

The main purpose of an email autoresponder is to set expectations, so the customer knows what to expect when their inquiry is received.

Tell the customer how long it will be before you get in touch.

Again, branding is key here. With EmailMeForm you can tailor the email autoresponder message to fit your business’ brand identity. Use the editor to customize your form and if you can write HTML, then the possibilities are endless.

autoresponder setup
An example of an email autoresponder message.

8. Save Money on Web Development

When creating a brief for a new business website, a form is usually seen as additional functionality and something that requires bespoke web development. As a business, if you require a cosmetic, functionality or field change to a web form it will typically cost hundreds of dollars.

By using web forms in which you control the functionality, style, and content, you can save money in the long run and focus your budget on marketing efforts instead.

Spend your money on marketing strategies instead by driving traffic to your web forms, not on building them.

web form embed functionality
Manage and Embed forms yourself instead of relying on web developers.

9. Take Payments from Customers

Got a PayPal account? Of course, you do. It’s the most common online payment gateway in the world.

EmailMeForm allows you to create forms that take payment from customers as part of the process. This is ideal for digital products where you require customers to pay before downloading a product or accessing a piece of information.

This is a great alternative to other payment providers because it allows you to use all the aforementioned EmailMeForm functionality with the added benefit of receiving payments.

collect payments online
Set your forms up to take payment via PayPal and a host of other payment gateways.

10. Customize Form Behavior

Conversion rate optimization is key when marketing your website and improving the number of conversions your business receives via contact forms.

Part of the process is to make form filling as painless as possible by hiding and showing only necessary fields or even necessary forms on the right pages of your website.

Using rules and creating dynamic forms also means you won’t need to build multiple forms for similar products because you can customize the customer journey. EmailMeForm allows you to create dynamic forms so users only see fields that are applicable to their inquiry, streamlining the customer journey.

customize form behavior
Create rules for your forms to make the process as pain-free as possible for customers.


One of the most common ways that small and medium-sized businesses manage to outmuscle larger organizations is because of agility. Agility is the ability to quickly test and upgrade features and functionality, expanding on technological capabilities at speed.

Using EmailMeForm gives an advantage back to small and medium-sized businesses because it allows for technological agility within marketing and operations.

Harnessing the power of automation, boosting your website’s functionality and providing a great user experience isn’t only for Fortune 500 businesses. You can do this too—by creating streamlined business solutions with EmailMeForms!

emailmeform free

Author Darren Taylor

Darren Taylor

Darren Taylor is a digital marketing trainer, speaker, and consultant, advising ambitious business owners and aspiring marketers on how to grow a business through digital marketing strategy.

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