Medicine will never be practiced again in the way we used to practice it.

A rather intriguing note from a doctor of mine had me thinking about the future of healthcare after COVID. The outbreak began and has since accelerated among today’s most significant courses in healthcare. That is, remaining as contactless as possible.

But business is business, so it has to run. However, for the safety of those in need of such services and medical practitioners, in-person visits are discouraged.

You very well know that this virtual practice is unlikely, right? I mean, how would you feel about remote surgery? Hilarious, eh? That is why you should adapt. And that includes utilizing technology to at least reduce the physical contact whenever possible. Online forms are a great tool to commence your new health practice.

Did COVID affect HIPAA laws?

Yes, your new health-related practice must be HIPAA compliant. Coronavirus affected people and businesses greatly. But when it comes to HIPAA, much has remained the same. Clearly defined requirements on the use and disclosure of protected health information did not change even after the coronavirus.

What COVID-19 has done is loosening up the law enforcement. Healthcare providers are given a little leeway on how they diagnose remote patients. After all, the pandemic is a national emergency to each state. Nevertheless, rules concerning privacy, security, and breach notifications under HIPAA remained the same.

HIPAA compliant healthcare post COVID-19

Now, how do we exactly adapt? Here are some practices to help you prepare for the reopening of healthcare after COVID.

The biggest player here is online software. EmailMeForm is one. It is a HIPAA compliant form builder that can assist your new practices by:

On healthcare after COVID-19

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has taken a financial toll on small businesses besides restaurants and retailers. Let us all hope that this will no longer be a global pandemic soon.

The healthcare industry has been reporting revenue declines, drops so significant that some of them were forced to reduce patient visits or even cease operations. Despite the transition, medical practices will adapt to post-COVID-19 care. EmailMeForm teams up with your business so you stay compliant and productive.

EmailMeForm Prepare Healthcare

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