NPS Score. It’s known as “the one number that you need to grow”

Companies have been low-key obsessed about measuring their own. The magic number is linked to company growth and revenue increase, that’s why. According to one study by London School of Economics, for every 7% increase in your NPS score, your revenue will grow by 1%.

If you want to know more about NPS, the why and how it is measured, I suggest you read this first: What is an NPS Survey and Why Your Company Should Use It. You can always go back to this post when you’re ready to create one.

Here at EmailMeForm, we have studied our number and so far, the journey has been enlightening. Enthusiastic respondents have shared their honest opinions about our company and reading most created warm fuzzies inside our chests. Of course, we’d occasionally receive negative comments, but that’s how we grow.

So, are you ready to learn how to create your very own NPS Survey using our tool? Let’s get down to it.

Step 1: Create your free account.

You can sign up here. You just need your email and a password. No credit card, whatsoever. With your free account, you get to create unlimited forms forever.

Step 2: Welcome to your Form Manager

After signing up you’ll be inside our app—your NPS survey maker— for the first time. Hooray! There’s an onboarding tool that can guide you on the basics of our tool.

Step 3: Create a new form.

When you’re ready, click on the bright yellow button that says “NEW”.

overview of nps survey maker

Choose the second option, “Blank and create my own form.”

nps survey maker add form

This will take you to the Form Builder Tool where you will build the NPS Survey.

nps survey maker add fields

Step 4: Name your survey

Click on the part which says “Form Title”. Change it to whatever you like. For this tutorial, we’ll just call it “NPS Survey”. You can also change the description to explain a bit of what the survey is.

nps survey maker form title

Step 5: Input the million dollar question

Most NPS Surveys have only 1 main question and that is “How likely are you going to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”. But it really depends on you, on how you’re going to phrase your nps survey question.

First, click on the “Add Field” tab.

nps survey maker add another field

Then, scroll down to the Survey Area and click on the “Scale Rating”.

nps survey maker scale rating

The scale rating will appear on your form.

nps survey question

Step 4: Modify the scale rating.

The default for our scale rating field is 1 to 5, so we’re going to adjust it to reflect 1 to 10.

To do this, transfer to the “Field Settings” tab and click on the scale rating on your form to select it.

nps survey maker field settings

You are now allowed to edit the settings of your scale rating field. Just change the Field Label to the question and the Scale Amount to 10.

nps survey question and scale

You can also modify the scale texts. From “Worst”, you can change it to “Not likely”. From “Best”, you can change it to “Most likely”.

nps survey questions and scale

If you want to center the scale and everything, just choose “Center” from the Cell Align options.

Step 6: Choose the Smart reCAPTCHA.

We suggest that you use the Smart reCAPTCHA Verification to protect the integrity of your survey. The CAPTCHA verification will not show unless there is a perceived threat or a bot is detected.

nps survey captcha

Step 7: Ask them the reason for their score.

Simply knowing the rating that your clients will give you isn’t enough. It’s wise to ask them why they have given you such rating.

To do this, just go back to the “Add Field” tab and add a Paragraph Text. Drag the element beneath the score rating field to position it there.

nps survey maker paragraph text

Next, replace the default Field Label with the question, “What’s the reason for your score?” This one is an optional question so users can skip it and Submit their answers.

It’s your form, your choice on which NPS survey questions to include.

nps survey maker tutorial

Step 8: Preview and Save your form

This is it. You can finally hit the “Save Form” button below the form. You cannot miss it. Once saved, you can preview your form.

nps survey questionnaire preview

That’s it. You now have a simple NPS Survey that you can share with your clients.

preview of nps survey questions

Step 9: Share your NPS Survey

To do this, you have to go back to your Form Manager first and click on your NPS Survey form.

shareable nps survey questionnaire

When the Form Options show up, click on the “Code” button. You’ll get to this page.

nps survey question form sharing codes

You have 3 ways on how to share your form: Via links, website embed, Facebook integration, Wordpress integration, and more.

That’s it, guys. Your nps questionnaire is now ready! That was easy, right?

If you need the guides on how to compute your NPS Score, you can check out our NPS Guide.

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