If you are reading this post because you are wondering how other human resources pros or staffing agencies are utilizing forms to improve their processes, you’re in the right place.

We are sharing five essential forms that have innovated how other HR managers like yourself manage their workload.

And, we know from our human resources clients that your workload is enormous! From recruiting new team members to onboarding to mediating crises, your plates are not just full—they are overflowing!

Look to online forms to implement online forms to streamline your workload and carve more free time out of your very frazzled day.

Direct Deposit Form

Whether you are a staffing agency or a corporate human resources pro, your employees will agree that the Direct Deposit Form is the most critical piece of paperwork they’ll complete during onboarding!

We found an EmailMeForm in use by Rio Grande Staffing that collects all the standard payroll information from their employees in one convenient form.

Employees use this form to decide how they want to be paid—a check mailed out or via direct deposit.

And, this direct deposit form even includes a “file upload” button so the employee can attach the mandatory voided check image to ensure payroll processing. Implementing this form places the responsibility back on the employee; no more chasing new team members down to get that direct deposit form returned!

With EmailMeForm, your employees’ bank information (and other private data) is safe!

We are PCI-certified; this distinction means that we have passed an independent audit. That process proves that we enforce stringent measures to safeguard your data. And, you can even place your form data in the Vault, a safe place that requires multi-factor authentication for retrieval.

direct deposit form human resource
Employees use this form’s checkbox to decide how they want to be paid—a check mailed out or via direct deposit.

Employment Application

There might not be any more vital an online form for a staffing company or HR team than an employment application. But you can stop sifting through piles of paperwork and receive them online, instead!

We found a comprehensive form developed by UltraForce Staffing that we’re sure you’ll be impressed with.

It includes not only the applicant’s data and work history, but it also captures their agreement to terms and conditions and certification that the employee is truthful in their responses.

This employment application also includes built-in consent checkboxes that allow them to run the necessary background check without additional paperwork as well as the Voluntary Self-Identify questionnaire. Because of how they structured this form, they have eliminated the need for those two other pieces of paperwork.

What a fantastic way to cut back on clutter and time!

employment application human resources
This employment application includes built-in consent checkboxes for background check.

Shifts Change Request Form

One home health care company, Senior Care Manhattan, got very creative with online forms and built a “Shifts Change Request Form.”

For many staffing agencies and HR teams, scheduling is frustrating and time-consuming. While it’s understandable that employees need accommodations and take their hard-earned vacations, it represents a challenge nevertheless.

Many schedulers come in each day to sticky notes on the door (and that have fallen to the floor), emails begging for days off, and even one or two of the properly-completed shifts change forms in their inboxes.

The shifts change request form gathers all these requests and places them neatly in the EmailMeForm Data Manager. When you get ready to do the weekly schedule, they will be all in one place.

This form empowers employees to take charge of their needs in a way that works for both of you. We like that the staffing rep took the time to place clear instructions on how to request a schedule change.

shift change request form human resources
The shifts change request form gathers all shift change requests and places them neatly in the EmailMeForm Data Manager.

Medical Care Authorization Form

During our research for this blog entry, we ran across this medical care authorization form from Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine.

While this particular form is in place for the benefit of the urgent care center, we can see how you could implement a similar form to be completed before you send an employee to a clinic for a worker’s compensation injury or a substance screening.

You would be able to document why and when you sent the employee to the clinic, and have the employee agree to the terms and conditions of the appointment and the nature of the appointment with an authorization form.

This process can benefit you because workers comp claims can take weeks—or even months— to investigate and resolve. Keeping up with paperwork is critical during this time, and keeping all relevant data safe in the EmailMeForm Data Manager can help you keep track of all the crucial details.

We loved how the urgent care center added their logo and stylistic elements to this form.

medical authorization form human resources
With a medical authorization form, HR will be able to document the details of an employee who was sent to the clinic.

Staffing Request Form

Every staffing company knows that its clients are the lifeblood of their business. Even when their office is closed, some of their clients operate 24/7 and might have urgent needs around the clock.

A staffing request form enables them to accept these after-hours requests and address client concerns asap! Clients get the instant gratification of knowing that they have put in for the staff, and staffing agencies collect leads even when out of the office for the evening or weekend.


We love that HOBAR Recruitment added special touches like their logo to promote their brand. Plus, they asked customer-centered questions on the staffing request form that will make their clients feel valued.

staffing request form human resources
This staffing request form enables HR to accept after-hours requests and address client concerns fast.

Final Tips on How Human Resources Pros and Staffing Agencies Can Implement Forms

The best part about partnering with EmailMeForm is the ease of use. Our online forms don’t require any coding or advanced skills. With a point and click form builder and easy to follow data manager, you can implement forms in just minutes.

Plus, you can incorporate several additional helpful form options, such as:

Remember that your form data is safe with us, and you can sign up to lock up your form submissions in the Vault.

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