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Industry #8: Marketing and Advertising

marketing and advertising industry use online forms
Get more leads and sales with online forms.

Because of the increasing communication channels, marketers and advertisers need the help of online forms now more than ever.

In the past, there were only print and TV. Today, thanks to the internet, there’s a surge of marketing channels—social media, blogs, forums, online communities, Facebook groups, chatbots—ahhh there’s just too many of them!

And, you almost always encounter at least one online form from these channels everyday: When you sign up for a new tool. When you go online shopping. When you dine in at restaurants (some resto will ask a few minutes of your time to answer the feedback form on their tablets).

Yup, this is how relevant online forms are. So, if you’re still not gearing your marketing game with online forms, it’s time that you do.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

As a Web Master I’ve used a lot of different form programs but once I found EMF I never turned back. Simple to use, fully customizable, complete database record of all forms and by far the most compatible and convenient system I have ever used.
- Roger, Cooper Service

Industry #9: Market Research

market research use online forms
Know what your customers really want through online research surveys.

Though this is a bit related to the previous Industry, there are independent companies who solely offer market research to their clients.

A high demand for these researching bodies is being acknowledged, now that there are studies proving that user-led innovations (those that users actually suggested to build) generated more than 800% in revenues than employee-suggested innovations.

It pays to know what your market really wants before creating a product or devising a new service to benefit them.

You too can utilize winning customer ideas through online market research surveys.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

The service is good value, and the system is simple to use and has all the functions required for most questionnaires
- Roger, Patricia Turner Market Research Recruitment

Industry #10: Accounting and Finance

accounting finance industry use online forms
Streamline recurring workflows to save time and be more productive.

Accountants are often portrayed to be seriously determined professionals who have a lot of work stuff going on, at least in movies.

Well, I can also say the same, at least for my accountant friends in real life. They are always busy, chasing deadlines. They would always say, “Sorry, I’m kind of busy. Audit season.”

Number crunching is a hectic and stringent job, but hey, you can help yourself (and your firm) by streamlining the recurring workflows.

Save time and be more efficient in the process.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

It is a great tool, works like magic and very easy to integrate. Knowing that I can use it for long pending when I can go for an upgrade… you guys are just too awesome!
- Ezeoke P., Brickcity Investment

Industry #11: Computers, IT and Technology

computers it industry use online forms
Be more agile with online forms.

Digital and IT companies are investing in agile development practices to provide efficient products and services to their clients.

Aside from staying on top of the competition and the ever-evolving technology, the other important thing that these companies have to work on is, at the least, supporting their users.

Your IT department is always combatting issues, customer complaints, productivity struggles, and even internal demands from other departments in your company.

Their workload can be overwhelming, that’s why they need systems and process in place that can help them cope up—and online forms are part of these.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

It’s so convenient for me. I like the fact that customers can fill out the form before they get to the office. It gets them in and out real fast.
- Shane, Back To Life Computer Services & Repairs LLC

Industry #12: Arts & Design

arts design use online forms
Get more clients and accept online orders with online forms.

If you think artsy industries don’t need certain structure in their organization, think again. They’re still businesses and businesses always strive to get more revenues.

Although the goal of this industry is to stimulate the senses through visual means, there are still some aspects in which this sector can improve their efficiency through online forms.

Here are some ways on how to do it.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

The quality of this service is far superior to other similar sites I have used in the past.
- Michael P., ValeVecTorian Graphics

Industry #13: Professional Organizations

professional organizations use online forms
Organize your processes through online forms.

Lastly, there are organizations that bring positive impact to their respective communities. Their goal is to foster fellowship between like-minded people.

Most of these organizations thrive because of volunteerism and it’s amazing how they manage to do everything on top of their day jobs, businesses, family responsibilities, and more.

These organizations strongly need all the reinforcements that they can get—including online forms—in order to sustain the heavy work that they do for the sake of keeping in touch and improving their craft as professionals.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

I’ve been using it for years for our annual Architecture & Engineering Summer Camp. The fact that I don’t have to log in to see who (and if) anyone is responding, makes things a lot easier. Of course, if I do log in all of my data is in one place which makes management easy as well.
- Duane W., National Organization of Minority Architects, Southern California Chapter

See, online forms can go beyond collecting different types of information. The strategic use of these forms and surveys cuts your working time in half, increasing your day-to-day productivity.

When used correctly, online forms will help you lift your business up your industry ladder in no time.

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