collecting data online using social media and EmailMeForm
Quality lead generation can be obtained using social media and secure online forms.

LinkedClicks, a LinkedIn B2B Advertising agency, uses strategic media planning, targeting, and lead funnel strategies to attract and generate high-quality leads for B2B clients across various industries. Advertising on LinkedIn in combination with qualifying forms from EmailMeForm helps LinkedClicks reach their specific audiences and ensure they can deliver high quality leads into their client’s sales pipelines.

“We aim to build highly targeted campaigns leveraging LinkedIn’s professional audiences so that our clients can get their message in front of key decision makers,” says Rob Nunnery, owner at LinkedClicks. “LinkedIn Sponsored Content is a perfect fit for us because we can provide high quality prospects an offer that drives value for their business and opens the door for working with our clients”



LinkedClicks was looking to create a lead generation strategy for a Premium SaaS Business Coach and wanted to ensure that only filtered high quality leads were brought into their client’s pipeline.

This client’s ideal prospect consisted of only SaaS Founders or Owners generating high 4 figure MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue).


LinkedClicks decided to turn to the professional audience targeting of LinkedIn in combination with a two-step lead magnet funnel and EmailMeForm that would allow them to vet out only the best candidates for the pipeline.

LinkedClicks set up multiple Sponsored Content campaigns in LinkedIn based on professional audience targeting within SaaS and Computer Software and only showed ads to CXOs, Owners, and Founders.

They then drove this traffic to a Lead Magnet funnel to collect initial prospect information followed by a conditional EmailMeForm that allowed them to sort leads into qualified vs nonqualified. The form proved an important element in vetting out the leads.


By combining powerful LinkedIn targeting capabilities with a qualifying LeadMagnet funnel that was embedded with EmailmeForm to sort leads, LinkedClicks was able to generate 700 New Qualified Leads and 250 Sales Qualified Leads into their SaaS Coaching Client’s sales pipeline.

Five months into working with them, LinkedClick drove over 700 Qualified SaaS Founders into their funnel, resulting in 250 High Quality leads who looked to set up a growth session with their sales team.

How They Did It

LinkedClicks offers suggestions on how to generate high quality leads using LinkedIn Advertising and a LeadGen Funnel with EmailMeForm to build a pipeline of qualified leads that are the best candidates for your product or service.

  1. Define Your Specific Target Audience: Know your target market and main decision maker you want to speak to with your offer. This includes job title, seniority, company size, skills, job function, etc. For this client it was clearly defined as SaaS Founders and Owners in the US. Being focused with your audience allows you to craft messaging and value that speaks directly to your ideal prospect. If you don’t narrow your target audience your broad message will be lost in your campaign testing making it harder to dial in cost effective high quality leads.

    social media for lead generation
    Make your target audience as specific as possible.
  2. Deliver A Great Offer That Hits A Pain Point: No amount of incredible ads, copywriting, campaign and funnel optimization can save a poor offer. If your offer doesn’t solve a core problem for your target audience you are wasting time and money. For our client we used their ‘How to Guide’ for improving and closing SaaS Demos which solves a major pain point for SaaS Founders. Some of the best offers to create for LinkedIn campaigns include: how to guides, cheatsheets, checklists, case studies and webinars. A good key to identifying a winning offer is to ask your sales team the most common pain point questions they get asked over and over again. If the market keeps asking, it’s a great indicator your offer should be built around this nagging problem.

    digital marketing for delivering solution
    Offer a solution that targets your clients major pain points.
  3. Create A Value Driven Funnel With A Quality Form: The funnel is an important piece of the leadgen process as it collects the lead information and provides it to the sales team. LinkedClicks uses a 2-Step Lead Magnet funnel that captures initial lead information when a prospect opts in for the offer. Then the lead is taken to a thank you page that also serves as a Call Schedule sales page. This page outlines the benefits of setting up a free strategy call and then asks the prospect to complete a 4 step form to qualify the lead. LinkedClicks utilized EmailMeForm and outlined a series of questions to identify a lead’s likelihood to be a good fit for their service. Questions in this form include: average monthly recurring revenue, years in business, main challenges they are facing, role within the company and more. EmailMeForm’s simple integration fit right into the client’s call page for seamless completion.

    create lead generation through EmailMeForm
    Build a value driven funnel for your leads.
    collecting data online using EmailMeForm
    Use EmailMeForm for your value driven funnels.
  4. Utilize The Professional Targeting Of LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to get in front of business professionals. Based on the profiles and information users provide to LinkedIn you can identify job titles, seniority, education, skills, interest groups, industries, company size, specific companies, years of experience and more. If you have identified a target market, created an offer that solves a pain point for that market, and developed an efficient way for leads to gather that information through a leadgen funnel, you just need to dial in LinkedIn’s audience groups to test your campaign and generate results.

    Leadgen using LinkedIn Ads
    Maximize your leadgen using LinkedIn Ads

Given LinkedClicks recent results with this client they plan to incorporate this 2 step funnel with the EmailMeForm embedded as they continue to drive more traffic on LinkedIn for new clients.

EmailMeForm is an easy-to-use online lead generation form — its question creation allowed LinkedClicks to develop a strong filter for sorting leads that drops right into their qualifying sales page.

This form software will be an essential tool in the toolbox for delivering high quality client results. To learn more about LinkedClicks and their services visit their website at

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Author Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher is the Lead Media Buyer with LinkedClicks - A LinkedIn Advertising Agency. He currently lives in San Diego, CA and has been in the digital marketing field since 2015 and has worked in a variety of B2C and B2B industries including e-commerce, health & wellness, financial advising, insurance, SaaS, nonprofits, environmental and contractor services. If you would like to learn more about Sean and LinkedClicks you can visit their website at, and find out about advertising opportunities on LInkedIn.

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