According to the 2016 Internet Facts report from Hostingfacts:

51.8 percent of all internet traffic comes from bots, whereas only 48.2 percent is human.

This fact had troubled Google for a long time before they set out on a mission to reduce the menace of robot apocalypse. A few years of lab research and development resulted in a new AI-based intelligent captcha that quickly spread on the Internet winning the hearts of form owners and form takers alike with its ease of use and effectiveness in spam protection.

For most of you, this anti-spam protection is not so new. If you’ve been filling in web forms in the past few months, you’ve probably used it already.

So, this is our last goodbye to old (re)CAPTCHA and warm welcome to the smartest, the safest, and the easiest captcha so far — reCAPTCHA V2 (no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA) from Google!

One-click CAPTCHA — easy on humans hard on bots! Source: Google blog

Following Google in providing smoother experience and better security to online form takers — EmailMeForm offers this anti-spam protection to all our users for free.

Why is this reCAPTCHA V2 good for your forms?

  1. It’s more intuitive and requires a single human click.
  2. Offers top-tier spam and abuse protection.
  3. Way more mobile-friendly.

Behind this seemingly simple new captcha, Google has masterfully hid the state of art technology called Advanced Risk Analysis backend for reCAPTCHA. In a thorough research, Google has uncovered that with the help of today’s Artificial Intelligence bots can solve the old reCAPTCHA distorted text and images with close to a 100% accuracy!

This has raised flags and made Google teams rethink the way reCAPTCHA works, bringing forth this new solution which actively analyses the CAPTCHA engagement — before, during, and after a click — to determine with precision if the behavior is human.

If it determines a slightest anomaly in the algorithm of user behavior, new CAPTCHA will show more clues for a user to solve before it allows form submission.

Now these clues are shown as images and a user needs to click on all images that represent a certain type of animals or things, like for example, cats or cars. It’s based on image matching and is super-easy to solve on mobile devices.

No CAPTCHA verification
This second step will only show if Google algorithm detects strange interaction with the first CAPTCHA click.

How to upgrade your forms to reCAPTCHA V2?

Older CAPTCHA options will be deprecated by Google after March 31, 2018.

This means that there will be no more support for old captcha and Google will show an “UNSUPPORTED” sign instead of CAPTCHA inside the box, like this:

Google Chrome not supporting old captchas anymore
Update your forms with new captcha to avoid this message from Google.

Obviously, you don’t want this to show on your forms. Here’s what you need to do to easily update your EmailMeForms with “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA security.

To ensure that your forms are set up with the latest version, after logging into your EmailMeForm account:

Add captcha to form in EmailMeForm
Click on the form to edit it.
Add captcha anti-spam to form
Choose reCAPTCHA V2 “I’m not a robot” anti-spam option in your Form Settings tab.

*Note that some form embedding options (like iFrame, Full Page iFrame, HTML + CSS + JS, HTML only, and PHP) require you to re-embed your form after updating your CAPTCHA to new version.

Therefore, it is recommended that you go to the website, blog, or social network page where your form is embedded and check if new captcha is loading. If you still see old CAPTCHA on your form, re-embedding is required. After you re-embed your form we recommend that you test it again.

This new CAPTCHA will help you achieve what you’ve always wanted — no more spammers and bots on your forms! At the same time, it will ensure a smooth way for your form takers to prove that they are the real deal.

As we know, the majority of all web traffic is now done on mobile phones and tablets. Your users will love the convenience of one-click-proves-it-all protection when submitting your forms and you might see a nice uptake in completion rates as a result of this improvement.

We hope this works out nicely for you!

If you encounter any issues with ReCAPTCHA V2, please contact our support immediately.

Add Antispam in EmailMeForm
Add smart captcha anti spam protection to your form.

Author Jovana Milankovic

Jovana Milankovic

Jovana is a content creator and marketing manager at EmailMeForm. Her job is to curate our software to the world and make it more human for our users.

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