We often receive support requests from users like yourself who want to know how to add images to your online forms. Let’s take a look today at how you can add put your form to its paces—it will collect data securely and allow you to brand your business with a photo or your logo.

Just as you asked for, right?

Why Should You Add Images to Your EmailMeForms

In case you are one of the users who were curious about adding photos to your EmailMeForms, your gut instinct was right. Adding pictures can add a special touch to your online forms.

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Here are a few of the reasons why you should add images to your forms:

A more polished looking form

First of all, adding pictures can give you a more complete and polished looking form. Whether you add an image file such as your logo, products, your team, or your physical location, it looks like you put extra effort into it. But to tell you a little secret, it really requires only minimal effort.

Branding your business

You should be branding your company with every chance that you get. You’ve already included your logo on your business cards, t-shirts, and website. But you should continuously seek opportunities for branding—and guess what… This is the perfect spot.

Your form’s going to be there, either way!

Once you build your form for the functionality, it is going to be live, either way. The extra few seconds that it requires to add an image can make your form a better representation of your business.

Makes you stand apart from the crowd

Anyone who surfs the internet casually knows that there is a lot of poorly executed content online. Making your content more relatable boosts user confidence in you. Therefore, they are more likely to purchase from your company.

Increase conversions

According to a Forbes article, forms are an often-overlooked strategy for making a favorable impression that can lead to sales. While you are adding images, check over your forms for CTAs, compelling language, and ease of use. Now is the ideal opportunity to give yourself the time to make those little tweaks that can increase your conversion.

How to Add Images to Your Forms

So, now we will circle back to the question that you have asked us to address initially—how to add images to forms.

Here’s a step by step tutorial for you to follow; we will follow that up with a quick video demonstration of the easy process of adding photos to your online forms in action.

1 - Log in to your Form Manager and Select the Form

First, get logged into your EmailMeForm account. You will be in your Form Manager and able to select the content you’d like to work with. Click the wide, blue “EDIT” button towards the left-hand side to open up your form.

2 - Add an Image Field

Now you will be able to make modifications to your form. Look for the “Add Field” tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Click “Image” from the green “Advanced” section.

A default EmailMeForm logo will populate in the bottom position. However, you can drop and drag it to any place you want. Double click the EmailMeForm photo to open up a window that offers you three choices:

Hint: photos are an excellent way to break up long forms visually, so they don’t overwhelm users!

3 - Change Your Field Settings

To modify your photo, you must be in the “Field Settings” tab. Once you add your image, you should automatically advance to this area.

Then, click on your image cell and add a field label. You may wish to change the image size to fit the form better, change the alignment of the picture, or add hover text, alt-text, or a URL. Finally, add a caption if you wish.

Hint: the “Field Label” is a wonderful place to add a gentle CTA.

4 - Save and Preview

Once you are pleased with the overall appearance of the picture you have added, click the “Save Form” icon at the bottom of the screen and choose “Take me back to the Form Manager.”

Finally, click the “preview” link and take a peek at the appearance of your newly revamped form.

Hint: If you decide that you want to make any edits, just click the blue “EDIT” button. Go back into Add Field (to add a different field and image or delete the current photo) or Field Settings to make sizing or caption changes and save again.

Next, let’s take a look at adding images in action:

Final Thoughts on Adding Images to Forms

Because you chose EmailMeForm as your form provider, you don’t need to sacrifice form security to add attractive photos or your company logo to your form. We believe that every business deserves secure forms — and we know that your customers expect no less!

If you happen to have no bandwidth to make your forms look extra attractive (and more compelling to get more subscribers, orders or travel bookings), we can create beautiful forms for you through our CustomWorks service.

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