Your work in a nonprofit organization is rewarding and tiring at the same time.

You may not have assets to build upon. You rely mostly on donations to move things forward. You may even have to scrape your community for volunteers on some occasions.

But the smiles that you have put on people’s faces. The hope that you bring to them. And, for some, the licks and purrs that you get are rewards that you’ll forever treasure.

example of registration form for nonprofits
Awww, look at those smiles!

Growing your cause entails tons of effort from the volunteers involved. So, how can you make things easier for your nonprofit?

Here’s a suggestion: Tap the power of online forms and surveys. They can do as much as a pair of hands can!

Learn how the following online forms examples can help you.

Make workflows easier

Manpower is almost always short for nonprofits.

According to NTEN, 71% of nonprofit professionals consider staff shortage as a challenge in planning a digital strategy and that only 4.4 staff members are responsible for technology.

If this is the case, automating your organization’s repetitive tasks is a wise move.

Use online forms to record registrations to your annual organization fundraising event. In evaluating dog adopters, issue an online evaluation form that interested parties can easily fill up.

Usually, form builders like ours have a drag-and-drop interface, which can be easily learned by anyone.

Our user-friendly tool doesn’t require you to be code-savvy,
eliminating your need to hire a developer or hunt for a volunteer coder.

Below is a custom built example of registration form that collects information of summer camp participants.

example of registration form for nonprofits
Play with the form here.

Boost online donations worldwide

With the current reach of technology, why would you limit your organization’s reach to your community?

Probably one of the most liberating impacts of technology is letting you connect to anyone in the world. Appeal to people who empathize with your cause. Emotions have no boundaries, anyway. If they feel extra warm about your cause, they’d be happy to make the online donation — and maybe even spread the word.

Our online forms have a payment feature, letting you accept donations through Paypal and other payment gateways.

Our online forms have a payment feature, letting you accept donations
through Paypal and other payment gateways.

Below is one of the many online forms samples that can carry out this action, the Online Church Donation Form.

sample web form for collecting donations
View the full form here.

Who knows? You can be like ACLU who have raised a whopping 8-digit donation from 356,306 online donations on one weekend only.

Give our responsive donation forms a try. One study shows that nearly 10% of donations come from mobile devices.

Listen to feedback

Can you say that your beneficiaries honestly care about your nonprofit?

Your funders, consultants, and the community may seem impressed about what you’re doing, but how about the people who are the soul of your cause, your beneficiaries?

Does your organization give them what they really need?
Or do you just give them what you think they need?

It’s time to learn the truth. Ask your intended beneficiaries how you’re doing via feedback forms.

Here’s a sample online form of a satisfaction survey that we have custom built for our client.

satisfaction survey web forms examples
Explore the form here.

Learn how you can do better. Know how your nonprofit can really make a difference in the lives of the people (or animals) who matter to you the most.

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