Unmotivated and lonely.

That’s how remote workers are usually perceived. Alone in their bedrooms, clad in pajamas with unwashed dishes on the sink, and maybe a couple of pizza boxes on the couch — a painted picture of laziness and inefficiency.

As a company run by energetic workers throughout the globe, we beg to disagree.

In our ten years of operations, we have gained millions of users, launched many product features, and continue to innovate our software to excite our users. Remote teams like ours can get the work done.

Survey-backed data validates our claim. TINYPulse lead a new survey which showed that 91% of remote workers feel more productive. Another Chinese experiment proved that the lack of break room distractions allow people to accomplish tasks faster.

remote worker using team management form
Remote workers are happier with their jobs.

Aside from our happy and satisfied remote workers, there’s another reason for our efficiency in the workplace: it’s using our own product, online forms and surveys. We use our own team management forms to cope up with the distance and multiple time differences.

Here are some nifty ways on how you too can cultivate a productive work culture through online forms.

Voting Through Surveys

We’re huge Game of Thrones fans.

So, when we’re torn between Hall of Faces and Long Bridge of Voltantis in naming our next project, we turn to surveys. We’re all for fair game. Gathering everybody’s opinions through online surveys is an easy feat.

We run the same course when we’re on our mid-development review week and we need everybody’s opinion on how a proposed user interface feels.

Gathering the collective feedback of your remote team
is easier with online surveys.

Customer Support Inquiry Filing

Every customer support team is like a band of superheroes. People always expect them to save the day.

On easy days, they can swing from one concern to another with absolute grace. But, on darker days, I can only imagine the pressure they’re in.

I’ve heard and read horror customer stories. In some cases, it’s the customers who need saving; they’re the ones creating their monsters. It’s like they need the Marvel Team, but only the Justice League showed up and actually helped them.

Anyway, what can help your support team is an intuitive contact support form, one with categories like ours below.

example of team management forms
Always think of online form filing systems that can help your team.

To provide agile support, we ask our users’ help in identifying their concerns. With this, we can route the inquiries to the right member of our team. Plus, we can identify which concerns require the most immediate attention at once.

You can use the same trick on your team management forms, application forms or your human resources forms.

Order Taking 24/7

If your business has just launched, you don’t have to hire a sales team if you can’t afford it yet. Let order forms do the work for you.

example of order form
Cupcakes, anyone?

All you need is a website and a bit of marketing. Once the order form is up, anybody with internet access can place their order whenever they want.

An order form never sleeps or needs a rest.
It’s just there, waiting for the next order to pop.

EmailMeForm order forms also serve as payment forms. They can accept transactions through payment processors like Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, and more.

For traditionalists, it may seem impossible for company to operate successfully with team members scattered around the globe.

But remote teams are fastly becoming the norms today. They have that unique culture, exceptional dedication, and rich ideas that nurture the company. With the help of online forms and surveys, your remote teams can be as efficient as ever.

Author Aiza Coronado

Aiza Coronado

Aiza is a Content Developer and Marketer at EmailMeForm. She easily gets upset when random dogs don't bark back at her hello's.

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