Do you watch Little Big Shots? It’s the television show hosted by Steve Harvey and it features incredible kids from all over the world.

They always feature kids who can calculate big numbers inside their heads. It’s amazing, really, but I know they use magic number tricks.

Here’s one.

To square a number ending in 5, you just have to take the first digit and multiply it by the number that follows it and add 25 at the end. For example:

No sweat.

Tricks give you treats, huh?

When you know these tricks, you appear to be this amazing kid who is perceived to take on the world someday.

emailmeform online form features
Learn some neat tricks and watch the crowd go “Woah”.

Well, I think the same secret applies to us, the adults of our society.

We don’t have to be geniuses, we just need some tricks
and have the spunk to apply them.

And the treats will be flowing out to you like those colorful balls that are falling out when the bubblegum machine breaks.

You might even drown in them when you get so good at making your tricks.

So, when you’re using online forms for your business, make sure to apply some tricks too.

Automate your online sales. Embed videos or Google maps on your forms. To apply most of these tricks, though, you need to arm your form with powerful web form features:

Form Logic

Customize your form’s succeeding questions
depending on the user’s previous answers.

Form Logic makes your forms smarter.

It guides your forms to ask the right questions — or to totally end a survey if the user doesn’t qualify.

Take this example.

Would you waste your (biologically) male patient’s time by inserting this question into their Patient Intake Form?

html5 form types conditional form logic feature
Ask your form users relevant questions.

I bet you’d rather not.

You can screen out this question by having a Sex Dropdown at the top. Make the pregnancy-related questions appear only if the user selected “Female” from the options.

It’s easy to set these rules. You don’t have to code.

There’s a Logic Setup Page where you can set field, page, form, and even payment rules through simple drop down selections.

You can skip a page, hide a question, send notifications to your email, or even redirect to websites. You can even end a survey even after 2 questions if the user is not the right fit.

create a form with conditional form logic feature
Tailor your questions depending on the form filler’s answers via conditional form logic.
Learn more about Form Logic.

Where to use form logic?


Notify users of their successful form submissions via autoresponders.

Autoresponders are important. They bring peace of mind to your customers and clients.

You don’t want your customer service team to be constantly bombarded with, “Did my order push through?” They ought to spend time on more serious problems to solve.

Autoresponders are responsible for automatically sending emails to your form users as soon as they have finished filling up your form. A simple validation comes a long way.

Here’s a sample order completion form email.

form attributes autoresponder
Thank your customers and confirm their orders by sending autoresponders with dynamic tokens.

The order confirmation email is to be received by the user moments after he or she submitted the order via your form.

This particular email does a couple of important things:

What you include in the email depends on the type of confirmation email that you want to send.

Setting one up in our form builder is easy.

You can customize the sender name, add images, and even use dynamic tokens to include the user’s input.

form attributes autoresponder 2
Customize your autoresponders to make it more personal.
Learn more about Autoresponders.

Where to use autoresponders?


Collect online payments from Paypal, Chargify, Stripe, and more
through your online forms.

Everybody favors fast and seamless transactions nowadays, creating a high demand for online payment transactions.

During the 3rd quarter of 2016, retail digital commerce on both desktop and mobile has reached $84.3 billion.

Imagine the number of people engaging in online transactions in just one day.

Get your share of the market. Activate online selling for your products or services and use online forms to collect payments.

If you’re selling cupcakes, for example, you can use an attractive order form like this one to drive sales.

payment form attributes
Sell more cupcakes by sharing your order forms online.

Our payment forms support major payment systems including Paypal,, Stripe, and more.

Secure online payments on different channels — your website, blog, and even your social networks.

Learn more about payments.

Where to use payments?

Web App Integrations

For smooth and automated workflow, connect your forms with 50+ web apps
like Google Drive, Facebook, Active Campaign, and more.

It’s everybody’s goal to be less busy, but be more productive.

If you’re a busy business owner, you don’t want to be ridiculed by the repetitive tasks like copying and pasting form entries from an Excel file to your CRM tool.

Sure, you can hire a Virtual Assistant, but why let them do the manual work that can be automated? They can take care of something more complex like setting up your sales funnels.

Your online forms can be integrated with over 50 web applications — the very tools that you use everyday.

html5 form types web app integrations
Choose from over 50 web applications that you can integrate with your online forms.
Learn more about web app integrations.

Where to use web app integrations?

Signature Field

Seal contracts by capturing the official signatures of your clients.

Don’t let distance hinder you from completing business transactions.

Attach a digital signature field to your forms and capture the signature of your clients. Make it official.

Your clients can manually enter their signatures using the mouse when they’re on desktop. If they’re on mobile, they can use their digital pen or even just their finger.

Yes, our digital signatures also work on mobile phones and tablets.

form attributes digital signature form field
Consummate a mutual agreement with a client via digital signature on your forms.
Learn more about digital signature fields.

Where to use form logic?

Save & Resume

Let users save their form progress so
they can get back to it later to finish everything.

Have you heard of the 20-Minute Fatigue?

A survey on surveys (ironic?) showed that once respondents have spent twenty minutes of their time answering the survey, they tend to drop out of the survey completely.

Worse, they’re going to randomly answer just to finish the survey, supplying you with untrue data that could wreck the results of your research. Tsk, you don’t want this to happen to you, do you?

Save yourself from this scenario by using the Save & Resume feature. If you have this feature turned on, users can save the entries on their form when they have to do some errands or if they’re beginning to get bored.

They can always get back to it later with renewed enthusiasm and finish the entire form.

html5 form types medical form with multipage
Allow your users to save their form progress so they can get back to it later.
Learn more about save & resume.

Where to use save & resume?

Data Export

Export your form entries as .xls, .txt or .csv
for safekeeping or further data analysis.

Forms collect the data that you need, yes, but they aren’t the best tools to categorize or analyze your data.

Although we have the Advanced Reports Features which could interpret your form entries through graphs and tables, you’d probably still want a copy of your raw data either for storage, spreadsheet analysis or sharing with your team.

online form builder with database and data manager
Export all your form data on a single click.
Learn more about data export.

Where to use data export?

File Uploads

Let your users upload the necessary documents through your online forms.

File sharing is a common requirement for us to collaborate nowadays.

We share files through emails, social media messaging, and popular software like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Your forms can be used for this purpose too. Along with their form entries, you can get the relevant files from your form fillers as well.

Easily get your hands on the document, music, picture or video that you need.

upload multiple files form attributes
Let your form fillers upload multiple files at once.
Learn more about file uploads.

Where to use file uploads?

Password Protect

Only show your forms (with sensitive data) to certain users.

Hesitant to use online forms because of privacy reasons?

Password protect can help ease your worries. If you have proprietary or private information that you only like to keep within a selected group of people, it’s best to put a fence on your form.

When your form is password protected, only users who have the password will be able to see it.

create a password form attributes
Only show your forms to selected viewers by protecting it with a password.
Learn more about password protect.

Where to use password protect?

There you go, these are the powerful form features that will make your form perform much more. If you’re still not making use of them, it’s time to do so.

Make the most out of your forms. Start working less, but get the results that you want. wink emoji

Also leaving you this quote to inspire you to start automating your forms today.

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job.
Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.
- Bill Gates

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