So you want to send a lead magnet to your list?

You probably have seen a shiny “sign up and get this for free” box on almost every website you see. You might have even signed up to some.

You’ve probably also read how lead magnets can double or even triple your email opt-in rate. That’s why you’re now working on yours too.

If you do, here’s a thumbs up. You’re doing the right thing.

Lead magnets help you take in not just leads,
but quality leads who have the potential to buy your product or service.

BUT, if you’ve ever been held back by the (false) assumption that lead magnet delivery setup is difficult, complicated, and expensive, then this post is meant to tear this thinking apart.

Sending a lead magnet is easy with EmailMeForm.

But, first…

You’ll need 2 things: a lead capture form and your lead magnet that’s hosted on the internet.

Let’s talk about the lead capture form first.

You can go fancy or you can also go simple and stick with this one, which is a free signup form template which you can readily download and use.

You can embed a lead generation form on your website. If you don’t have a website, you can also create a standalone signup form on us. We’ll host it for you.

Next is your lead magnet.

Your lead magnet could be anything that your target audience will want to get their hands on. It can be an e-book, a checklist, a white paper, a resource library or something similar.

Let’s assume that you want to send an e-book. Your e-book should be uploaded and hosted somewhere in the world wide web. The easiest place that you can place it is in your Google Drive. Here are a few other places where you can place your lead magnet:

When you already have these in place, then you’re all set for the setup of the lead magnet delivery. The delivery is initiated after the user has submitted a signup form or any other lead generation form.

There are 3 ways to deliver a lead magnet using EmailMeForm:

  1. Add a download link to the success message.
  2. Send the download link in the confirmation email.
  3. Redirect to the page where the lead magnet material is hosted (can be Google Drive).

As to which of these methods to use, the decision depends on your strategy, goals, and type of lead magnet. More on that as we discuss each step.

So, are you ready to let me walk you through the 3 ways? Okay, here we go.

Method #1. Via the success message

This is the simplest and fastest way to do this.

Deliver the lead magnet through your form’s success message (the confirmation message that loads after you submit the form).

lead magnet design online forms
The fastest way to deliver your lead magnet is to include a download link on your form’s success message.

When to use this?

Use this if you want to delight your subscribers by giving them what they want right away—and score extra points for delivering what you promise.

It’s literally seconds between the signup and the material download. This instant satisfaction will surely make your subscribers happy.

💡 PRO TIP: Aside from adding the download link in the success message, you can also add social media share buttons there so your new leads can help you spread the word.

How to do this in EmailMeForm

  1. Go to Form Builder and click on Form Settings.
lead magnet deliver online form
Go to your form’s settings.
  1. Click on the “Edit Message” beside the Success Message.
lead magnet deliver web form
Then, just edit the message.
  1. Start drafting your confirmation message. You can refer to this tutorial on setting up the confirmation page.

Method #2. Via the confirmation email

Another way to do it is by sending the download link to your subscriber via the confirmation email.

The confirmation email is the automated and canned email message that will be sent to your subscriber once the form gets submitted.

Send an email with the download link of your lead magnet.

Confirmation emails let your clients know that their orders or subscriptions pushed through. These emails also contain important information like what you ordered, when you can expect the shipping to arrive, and in this case, the download link of the lead magnet that you are giving out.

It is not advisable to send the actual lead magnet as attachment to the email because:

  1. Businesses have policies that automatically forwards email with attachments to the junk mail. You wouldn’t want this.
  2. Most people are wary of opening documents in the mail. Because of email viruses.
  3. Your lead magnet might be too big to be sent as attachment. For MailChimp, it’s only 10MB or less. Besides, sending everyone in your list an attachment is wasting bandwidth. Totally impractical. Not to mention, expensive.

When to use this?

You will want to distribute your lead magnet download link via email if:

How to do this in EmailMeForm

  1. Go to the form’s Autoresponder page.
setting up autoresponder emailmeform
Go to your form’s Autoresponder.
  1. Craft your autoresponder message and include the download link of your lead magnet in there.

  2. Set it up according to your liking.

💡 PRO TIP: You can use Method 2 in tandem with Method 1 or 3 so your subscribers have a copy of the download link in their inbox. They can go back to it whenever they want to check the document again.

Also, begin the lead nurturing with the confirmation email. Suggest what your leads can do next after they have gotten hold of the lead magnet.

best lead magnets delivery idea
Help your subscribers do the important things. Include actionable suggestions in your lead magnet delivery email.

For Social Bee, there are a couple of suggestions:

  1. View a web version of the e-book. Nice trick of getting your subscribers to visit your website.
  2. Create a free SocialBee account.
  3. Book a call with the CEO, or the CE-Bee rather to see the tool in action.

Method 3. Via page redirection

The last method is by page redirection.

When users submit the form, you can enable redirection so you can bring them to a “Thank You Page” where the lead magnet, along with other juicy stuff, is waiting for them.

Here is how ConversionXL did this.

After you sign up for the eBook lead magnet, you’ll be taken to this page where you can download the eBook and, apparently, more lead nurturing materials in the form of mini-degree programs.

lead magnet creator
Need to share a bunch of things with your subscribers after they download the lead magnet? Redirect them to a landing page.

When to use this?

Use this if you want to nurture your leads on the spot and elicit more action from your leads.

Just like CXL, aside from providing their subscribers with an eBook, they give their prospects more materials to explore. They have these mini-degree programs that their prospects can try for a demo or purchase when they’re ready.

How to do this in EmailMeForm

  1. Go to Form Builder and click on Form Settings.
lead magnet landing page setup
Go to Form Settings.
  1. You’ll find the “Redirect URL” box in there. Just paste the URL of your landing page in there and you’re done.
redirect lead magnet landing page
Just paste your landing page url here. And that’s it.

💡 PRO TIP: Create a “Thank You page” and lead magnet that position your leads for purchasing. The lead magnet is an intro to the product or service that you’re gonna be selling. While your “Thank You page” will follow up on your leads on what they need to do so you can bring them closer to the idea of buying from you.

So, which delivery method should I choose?

Choosing which method to use all really depends on the goals that you have for your subscription flow and conversion funnel.

Go back to the Pro Tips and “Where to use this” section on every method. Which of these methods will play well with your current marketing strategy? Choose that one.

But if email marketing is part of your game, then by all means, use the confirmation mail method along with the success message or page redirect methods. Your first confirmation mail will be your first point of contact with them. Use it wisely and leave a good impression.

Now that you know how to attract your leads, the next step to learn is to know how to talk to these leads via email so that they become your paying customers.

email marketing lead magnet idea
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