Do you think you cannot offer your site users both the most secure online forms and combine it with beautiful forms? Then guess what. You really can create EmailMeForms that have the form security that we’re famous for as well as a visually eye-popping form design that builds user engagement.

With our online form builder, you really can have your cake and eat it, too!

We’ve been sharing tips on how to utilize your form builder and highlighting some of the under-utilized form features. This knowledge has been enabling our users to create customized forms with no coding skills.

Today, we are excited to teach you how you can transform the forms that you are already using into visual elements that will excite your site visitors and enhance the user experience (UX) of your site. It’s time to up your form UX!

Why You Should Offer Beautiful Forms

We have repeatedly blogged about the urgency of form security. That’s no surprise, as it’s our top priority!

However, we also want you aware that you can enhance your form user interface (UI) with just a few extra clicks after you’re done making any form in the form builder.

Something like this!

user engagement beautiful forms
Beautiful forms enhance user engagement.

Check out more beautiful forms here!

But, why is this visual enhancement important? Here are three reasons why you should ramp up your form appearance.

1 - An integral part of your digital marketing

Online forms play an essential role in your digital marketing. They represent your company in an almost tangible way by allowing your website traffic to connect with you in just a few clicks.

By adding beauty to every element of your website—forms included—you amplify user engagement by stirring up curiosity about your business.

2 - Increase the user’s desire for your product or service

As part of your digital marketing efforts, every part of your site should increase user desire to do business with you. Completing a form is one way to whet the user’s appetite for your product or service. And, an attractive one, one that has beautiful form UI design will be even more compelling!

3 - Make an impactful first impression

For first-time site visitors, one of the first interactions they’ll have is with your user registration or subscription form. Dazzle them with a great first impression, so they’ll be more likely to return for a future visit.

Each of these three is significant because they build user experience and, therefore, website traffic. This helps your site to build credibility with both users and the search engines.

And, honestly, who doesn’t want a little love from the likes of Google and Bing?

Let’s Make a Beautiful Form

Now, let’s take one of your effective (but maybe a bit bland?) online forms and transform it from a workhorse into a showstopper.

I will presume that you already have a library of forms in your form manager and teach you how to add some razzmatazz to an existing form.

1 - Login (and enable multi-factor authentication while you’re at it!)

First, log into your EmailMeForm account. If you haven’t done so already, please spend a minute to enhance account security by enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA). To read up on why MFA is essential, read this blog post.

2 - Choose themes

Next, go to the top left-hand corner of the screen and select:

Themes → Builder

Note that you can also choose from the gallery, but let’s work from scratch today.

form themes for beautiful forms
EmailMeForm lets you create your own themes.

3 - Select “design your form” option

Next, a window will ask you how you’d like to proceed.

form builder beautiful forms
You have options in designing your forms.

4 - “Create New” and explore the endless possibilities

Be sure you’re set to “create new,” and you can begin to make changes to the appearance of your form.

EmailMeForm customized forms and beautiful forms
Create from scratch to achieve that beautiful theme for your forms.

Some visual elements you can modify include the following:

5 - Save and name

Finally, after you have added your personal stamp, save and name the theme. Then, choose the option to go back into the Form Manager to apply the new style to your form.

6 - Apply the theme to your form

Finally, here in the Form Manager is where we will watch the transformation happen.

Select your form and find the button that says “Theme.” Click on it, and find the theme you just saved. Apply this to the form.

EmailMeForm beautiful forms form themes
Apply your customized beautiful themes to your forms.

Oh, and if you ultimately decide you don’t like the theme, after all, you can toggle that drop-down back to the option of “None.” No theme will appear to site users, so you can edit and then reapply.

Here is a quick video demonstrating applying a theme:

Eat a Big Bite of That Cake!

So, you see you can have that cake and dig in for a great big bite! With EmailMeForm, you can have:

Don’t feel you need to settle for dull forms. Experiment with themes, and see where your creativity leads you!

beautiful forms and customized forms from EmailMeForm

Author Deborah Tayloe

Deborah Tayloe

Deborah is a blogger and freelancer who often writes for EmailMeForm. When she’s not blogging, you’ll probably find Deborah working on DIY projects around her home in North Carolina.

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