In this 2-part blog series, we’re sharing ideas on how the 13 most common industries of today use online forms in making their everyday jobs easier.

Online forms can collect more than just your subscriber’s email. Far more.

You have probably encountered more online forms than you wish you had. Of course, you’re on the Internet 60%, 70% of the time.

They’re present when you sign up for a new app. When you’re about to place your Amazon orders. Or when a Facebook member gives the group you’re in a shout out and beg ask people to fill out a survey.

You may not be aware of it, but online forms have become normal parts of our online lives. And they continue to play important roles for the owners and businesses behind them.


Because they make things easier.

We’ve rounded up the most helpful roles that online forms have played for 13 big industries to prove this. And to help you figure out how to make online forms work for you too.

Also, these are not just assumptions—EmailMeForm users from each of these industries have seconded our claims.

Read on.

Industry #1: Travel

travel industry use online forms
Travel agencies rely on online forms to make their business thrive.

The travel industry is a tough business to be in.

With today’s effortlessly connected world, you’ll have more customers to cater to, but along with that, there will also be more competitors that you need to overcome.

And then there are the big players—travel-focused apps that everybody seems to use—AirBnB, Grab, Booking, and Kayak, to name a few.

If you are looking to survive on this industry, you have to be nimble and resourceful despite your business size.

Use online forms for organized, quick, and seamless processes. Forms can give you more than a hand, making travel agencies rely on online forms to make their business thrive.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

I love how easy making forms are with EMF. Also, as a Pro plan user, I have Field Encryption to protect sensitive data I collect. I have recommended EMF to tons of people! Being a travel agent (now retired) that question comes up all the time. How and who for forms!
- Arlene P., A and D Travel

Industry #2: Education

education institutions use online forms
Universities can automate their repetitive processes using online forms.

Universities and colleges handle a lot of processes that are usually routinary.

You have enrolments every year. A new group of students graduate annually. Campus visits have become a regular activity. Tests and quizzes are everyday tasks.

Because of these repeating events, it makes perfect sense to automate your workflow and processes and work smartly instead.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

I have been able to streamline several complicated workflows (that are also easier for the end-user) because of Emailmeform. Emailmeform is simple to use and set up, and all the logic functions and notification options are brilliant! I’m able to produce professional looking forms and questionnaires easily and quickly!
- Christie, UCSB

Industry #3: Healthcare

healthcare industry use online forms
Online forms can be lifesavers in busy healthcare facilities.

Healthcare facilities are among the busiest work environments.

Most of the time, health workers are pressured to save a life or, in the very least, provide relief to patients who are in pain.

Paperworks shouldn’t add to the already tense situation. Just imagine the difficulty of sifting through cabinets and cabinets of paper folders just to find a patient’s log… Ordering of clinical data forms in case you run out… Process prescriptions on piles of paper forms…

We all know how vulnerable humans are when it comes to manual records. You wouldn’t want a wrong medication be given to a patient, do you?

In these cases, online forms are lifesavers (pun intended).

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

Emailmeform offers a really good deal for one. Two, I like the ease of making a form up for my business, and for three, the web site is very user friendly.
- Jason P.

Industry #4: Real Estate

real estate industry use online forms
Automatically sort out your real estate clients’ data through online forms and focus on closing sales.

Here’s another competitive field: the real estate market.

Competition in here is tough because the stakes are huge even for a single transaction. Also, the sales process takes a while before you seal the deal.

In addition to this, the situations that you are in are so distinct that there’s no sole and sure path to your closing.

Some are looking to rent a house, while others are committed to finding their first affordable home. Others may pay the price in full, while most are looking for the mortgage plans that best suit them.

Online forms can sort out these data, helping you streamline your own process so you can shift your focus on guiding your prospects to close a sale.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

EMF has many features that are not present in other platforms. Recommended for every user, especially for a newbie like me.
- Ajie, Klikbanjar

Industry #5: Retail and e-Commerce

retail ecommerce industry use online forms
Make your sales order processes even more efficient with online forms.

In the United States alone, more than 24 million people generate revenues by engaging in the retail industry.

Of course, retail is fun, exciting, and easier when compared to other types of businesses.

The question for retailers and e-commerce investors is: how you can stay on top of the competition when you’ve got millions of retail competitors?

Aside from branding and catering to a unique audience—auditing your backend processes, improving customer experience, and market trend research are worth looking into.

Check your current processes and determine which can be improved by using online forms.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

The services EmailMeForm provide is exactly what a small business person, such as myself, need for customers to communicate easily without needing to open their email program.
My business is mostly local, so my needs are small and EmailMeForm has provided my customers, no matter where they are, with a very easy way to communicate their questions and orders directly to my email server…you can’t beat that convenience.
- Jake, Circle W Leather, LLC

Industry #6: Events Management

events management use online forms
Create customized online forms that will help you manage your events, both big and small.

Event planning seems to be a no-sweat profession (since you’re dealing with happy moments and clients in pleasant mood).

But the truth is, it takes a deliberate level of organization and logistics expertise to put everything together perfectly. Perfect execution is always your end goal as an event management expert so you tend to over-prepare.

You’ve probably already heard of event management software that promises eminent help, but they’re expensive.

Well, you can always turn to online form builders. They offer more affordable and flexible plans. Plus, you get to create your own customized online forms that are specific for your management’s processes.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

For me, it’s working perfectly fine. I am even planning to upgrade my account. As an event organizer EMF is a big help during our activations.
- Sujit K., VP Events

Industry #7: Nonprofits

nonprofit organizations use online forms
Automate paperworks and logistics. And just focus on growing your cause.

Working for a cause that roots deep within your core is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

Imagine cuddling and saving furbabies all day. No matter how dirty they are, you can’t deny the thug you feel when you look into their eyes. Or spending most of your time making the elderly happy and entertained. Or helping abused children view life in a colorful way again.

But not every bit of nonprofit work is enjoyable, I must say. There are paperworks, logistics, and documentations.

Of course, you can’t escape those menial tasks… unless you have an automated workflow made possible by online forms.

Few ways on how online forms can help

Commonly used forms

How we helped our user

I have been using your services since 2006. I have had all of my clients sign up for your annual plans and will continue to do so in the future. Great service, and great product!! I should be a rep!! Let me know if you have a program like that.
- Lori G., Charitable Citizens

That’s all the industries for now. If yours is not on the list, then check back next week—it might be included in the Part 2 of this blog series.

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