If reducing manual input (thus, potential errors) or avoiding the need to outsource many technical issues to developers is at the forefront of your business operations, this 5-10 minute read about online form with Zapier integrations is for you.

Business owners always find saving time and money on their workflows a challenge. Several daily repetitive tasks take much time, and the manual process becomes faulty(and costly!).

Cloud services are now the top platforms businesses rely on. Therefore communicating two of these cloud apps can support the automation you’ve always needed. You can move the data from one system to another with the work done flawlessly on the back end.

Wondering how your form can do the ‘talk’ with other applications? Let this article show you how.

What is Zapier Integration?

Zapier is an automation tool for task management. It allows you to connect or integrate different apps so you create a workflow that can keep your data consistent across multiple web applications.

You create connections or Zaps that push data between. It is like telling the program, “When I do this in A, do this in B.” Basically, a Trigger and Action relationship. The Zaps can move the information between apps, building auto-workflow. The highlight? You can do it without any coding even if you are a non-technical entrepreneur.

Why do businesses need integration?

The most common answer is to automate repetitive tasks. Time-sensitive processes require to be worked in bulk. For that, integration is the key to avoid human errors. But as businesses need digital marketing, it is essential to fill the gaps when platforms are not necessarily well connected.

Zapier integration can full sync between systems and make collaboration more efficient. When your form is connected to Zapier, you have an almost limitless, powerful form. It can collect, capture, organize, and still do more! EmailMeForm partnered with Zapier for you to fully enhance your current operations in compliance with enterprise-grade infrastructure.

What business workflows can I set up through my forms and Zapier?

Online forms powered by EmailMeForm provide you the ultimate solution for data collection and processing. But you can further boost its capability. Connecting EmailMeform with Zapier will foster the functionality you can’t get from individual apps alone. You can have a new workflow in just a few clicks.

This integration can do the ‘talk’ for your form and favorite app, but our group of professionals from CustomWorks can go further. Why settle for less then? EmailMeForm’s CustomWorks team can help you set new Zaps to create multiple actions within a single connection. In other words, your form can be connected to apps 1,2 or 3 of your choice in just one zap. Hence, we have compiled a few new automatic systems you, too, can achieve- all when you connect your form with Zapier integrations. Hmmm…so that’s about 2000+ more form integrations!

How do I use Zapier with EmailMeForm?

EmailMeForm and Zapier are indeed fascinating. The only limit to your form and Zapier supported apps is your creative imagination. You may consider Zapier as the glue of your form and the web. Your only assignment? To figure out the apps that your form can integrate with to solve your most common digital problems.

Here is a short video to help you get started with your form and Zapier integrations.

If you prefer instructions, we also prepared an article for your reference.

New workflows in EmailMeForm

The only PCI-Certified form builder that can capture, process, and manage customer data has just made online business more fun and productive. The 2000+ apps that Zapier supports and your form can integrate with can streamline your business processes to run smoothly. By your new form automation, finish a ton of tasks and keep every business goal on target.

It is safe to say that data collection will never be the same again once you start your form integrations with Zapier. We are providing you articles, so you start easy on these useful apps.

EmailMeForm offers the Zapier integrations under the Compliance plans. Upgrade anytime so you can start data transfer with accuracy!

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