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Data first!
You too can build up your business using forms.

After the initial feedback gathering process, go beyond the data to win over your customers. Create services and products based on the actionable data received through your forms, surveys, tests, and polls.

Use our online forms to:

  • initiate conversation
  • get feedback
  • offer help on your website
  • organize workflow internally
  • track inventory in real time
  • register new users
  • sell and promote products and services
  • test opinions
  • subscribe new users
  • create exams for your students
  • you name it...

We went from this to this

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Designed to make form creation a lot easier.

Drag & Drop Form Fields

Drag & Drop Fields

Create forms and surveys without writing a single line of code.

All elements, buttons, fields, settings and instructions are already available in your Form Builder, just drag them where you want and adjust as necessary. For those who need quick solutions, we’ve designed more than a 100 templates to fit any purpose.

Form Generator

Sidebar Navigation

600 actual users helped us design the most logical flow.

Together with our users we designed the best experience for you. Sidebar navigation is one of our favorite interface improvements. Now you can locate all important app sections in the upper left corner of your Form Manager. It's out of your way while you're working and you can access it easily in one click when you need it.

SSL Forms

Intuitive Dashboard

All form functions conveniently located in one neat dashboard.

Access entries, sharing options, form rules, notifications setup, payment integration and usage reports on the dashboard. Functions like SSL encryption, password protection, form visibility and themes are at your fingertips.

Thumbnail Form Previews

Thumbnail Preview

Single page for all your forms.

We’re done with pages! Now you can scroll infinitely through all your forms and surveys to quickly find the ones you need. Use bulk selection to move, delete, or tag multiple forms at once. Switch easily between thumbnail and list view.

Web Form Categorization

Labels & Tags

Innovative way to organize your forms.

Assign one or multiple tags to each form and it will be automatically added to your label folders on the left. You can even mark multiple forms and tag them all at once. Find all your forms sorted out under their labels or use the powerful new Search option.

Online Form Entries

Usage Stats

Get precise insight into your forms’ performance.

Form Manager 2.0 comes equipped with a handy new feature that lets you explore the performance of your forms, surveys and tests. You can now track the activity to see how many Views and Entries they receive on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly level.

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Using our new Form and Survey Builder interface:

Open up to customers via online forms

Contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, checkout forms, satisfaction
surveys, opinion polls and more.

Share or Publish

Send customers your form’s URL in an email. Publish on the web by embedding a single line of code. Integrate with social media.

Create, Adjust and Adopt

Create forms, surveys and tests from scratch using an agile interface with a variety of ready-made fields and functions. Or choose a template to optimize, adapt and adopt.

Explore the Usage

Access data and sort entries in a simple dashboard. Calculate percentages and stats based on the data pulled from your forms, surveys, or tests.

Customize & Beautify

To achieve more conversions make your forms and surveys visually attractive. Apply our existing themes or create your own branded designs.

Smarten up with Logic Forms Rules

Take your form fillers by the hand and lead them wisely through the maze of survey questions and answers. Create logic paths to condition your forms' behavior based on user input.

Create & Share Form Reports

Build automatic reports to organize form and survey data visually (percentages, stats, charts, tables). Export or share with your team internally.

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No guessing, feedback is the king!

Our users directed, we executed. The results were amazing.

Form Manager 2.0 Success Formula:


10 years of form building


Contemporary app design


We used the feedback we got
from our users

Your Success


Easily create, organize and manage forms


Increase your team’s productivity


Collect feedback from customers, employees or students

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