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The enterprise-grade solution that will help you optimize your critical business operations and security.

  • Premium Business Class Email Sending
  • Worldwide Compliance
  • Alternate Data Routing
  • Business Workflow Redundancy
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Premium Business Class Email Sending

The option provides faster and higher availability sending accomplished by pooling your email traffic with other business and enterprise transactional emails. Of course, this is just one aspect of how Business Compliance infrastructure provides a higher level of service over regular infrastructure.

Worldwide Compliance

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure meets Global Compliance Standards, protecting your business from privacy debts. Instant compliance with PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA through EmailMeForm. Start collecting full credit card details for online or offline processing.

Alternate Data Routing

Data Routing onto alternate infrastructure to provide fallback support in the event emails fail to be sent. No error from your end will affect the way you do business.

Business Workflow Redundancy

Business workflow redundancy options for you to maximize the automation of your daily tasks. You can connect two or more apps using Zapier to automate repetitive functions without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. CustomWorks team can help you jumpstart the integration or do it for you altogether.

Our Compliance Plans Can Help Your Business

All our compliance plans have Business Class Infrastructure

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✔ Conformity to global compliances that concerns with data privacy. Your business is not at risk of violating global standards that are equivalent to vast fines.

✔ Email marketing strategies will reach a subscriber's inbox, No risk that your email business' deliverability is low and unreliable.

✔ Focus on developing your business strategies rather than manual repetitive tasks. Zapier integration lets you automate with 2000+ apps.

✔ Value Stack creation that evaluates your current toolset. Get expert advice on finding solutions that can help you save money.

Integrate Your Form to Automate Workflows

Connect your form with over 2000 web applications
without special coding

Frequently Asked Questions:

BCI or Business Class Infrastructure is an enterprise-level infrastructure built to support critical business workflows and global compliance.

BCI includes:

  • Support with PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance.

  • Premium business email sending that has higher deliverability.

  • Data Routing to provide fallback support in the event emails fail to be sent.

  • Business workflow redundancy options.

  • Zapier integrations to minimize mishaps from repetitive tasks.

  • Audit trail to keep track of your form's activity.

All our compliance plans have Business Class Infrastructure, if you wish to upgrade your current plan, please message us here.

Business-class infrastructure provides better efficiency in answering business demands. The security that an enterprise-level architecture can give is a perfect match to global regulations.

Yes, our compliance plan starts at $20. See our full price list here.

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