A tool for smart workflows.

Often the most important cogs of business are also the most tedious, but they don't have to be.
QR codes are here to help.

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A tool for smart workflows

Eliminate the chore, increase productivity.

You might be wondering, how useful really are QR codes for anything other than taking you from Point A to Point B. Well, Emailmeform is here to show you how this ingenious tool can simplify your workflows to turn 3 steps into 1.

Unique ID Codes

Create unique QR Codes from the parameters filled out in your form. Identify items, people or relevant information by creating tokens from the data inside your forms.

Save and Resume Link

Are you working with someone, need to update your form with information you’ll receive at a later date, or simply don’t have time to finish your form right now? Enable the save and resume link feature in your form builder and save a draft for later! This feature comes as a link or a QR code according to your needs.


Looking to make a self registration check-in to avoid unnecessary face-to-face encounters, or interested in a replacement for manual input? QR codes can take you directly to your form without any need for personal interactions.
All you need to do is to share your form QR code with your users, colleagues or friends.

Bypass mundane inventory logging or check-ins by scanning a QR code. This will automatically register the item, person or information into your form. All data you receive can only be viewed from the data manager.

A safety-first workflow for the Healthcare industry.

To avoid the spread of COVID-19, EMF offers quick response (QR) codes as a contactless check-in solution for the workplace and contact tracing for visitors and employees.

Your practice has a check-in form that must be completed before visit.

Create a workplace check-in form for your practice with all the necessary information, such as symptoms, exposure and reason for visit. The check-in form must be completed by every visitor and employee in order to receive their identifiable code.

You get notified of the visitor’s form information.

Your practice will receive a notification of the form submission, which will include the visitor’s status and symptoms, or lack thereof. Your practice can contact the visitor in advance regarding any regulatory procedures or self-isolation protocols that must be followed.

Integrations upload this information into your system.

The visitor’s submission, symptoms, concerns and ID document will be available directly on your system. You can assign them to a risk group, set up appointments or make note of specific procedures that must be followed for this individual in advance to any face-to-face interactions.

The visitor submits the form and receives a personal QR code.

This code can be used to check-in at your practice’s physical location. It will display the visitor’s check-in information and whether they are allowed to enter the premises, while maintaining a contactless approach, reducing any risk of exposure for other visitors and staff.

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