We ensure your forms are secure

Here at EmailMeForm, the safety of your data is our priority. We implement numerous security processes to ensure that your information is protected.

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How EmailMeForms are secured

From travel agents to educational and sports institutions, banks, hospitals, and medical centers, sellers of all sizes, service providers, and various organizations – customer data are being collected and stored online. Here’s how we protect yours.

PCI compliance

We are not only PCI compliant – we are a PCI-certified form builder. We pass regular audits and meet compliance requirements. This certification means that you are protected with the highest level of security when you collect payments and sensitive data. Our Secure Form Vault Program allows you to collect credit card information securely.

GDPR compliant

As your form provider and data processor, EmailMeForm is GDPR compliant. Our system is fortified to let you build forms that collect data in accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Network security

We take significant steps to always keep our servers and your data secure. This commitment to security includes working with leading e-commerce gateway systems and security firms to improve and audit our performance including VeriSign, McAfee Secure, Plimus E-Commerce, and Paypal.

SSL protection

The forms you create with EmailMeForm have SSL encryption enabled by default. This protection means that the data you collect is transmitted via the highest industry standard SHA 256 SSL encryption. Entries can be securely viewed and exported via HTTPS from your account whenever you need them.

MFA login

Accounts can be protected with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for the highest levels of security and compliance. To verify that it's truly the user who’s accessing the account, MFA requires multiple credentials during login. Aside from the password, you must enter a uniquely-generated code on an app on your smartphone or your browser extension.


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Spam Protection

Spam protection

EmailMeForm prevents spam by setting up Captcha protection. In addition to this, you can set up Limit Form Activity where you can set submission limits to one per computer or IP address, or a number of entries.

Data Encryption and Masking

Data encryption and masking

Sensitive content is not transmitted via email. Masking a field will obfuscate the field data and replace the contents with asterisks (*) in your notification emails. Forms with encrypted fields ensure that data is transferred and stored securely. The only way to view this data is by logging into your account and view via the Data Manager.

Systems Controls

Systems controls

We work continuously to make sure our technology and software partners continue on their path towards higher security standards to help keep your information away from a data breach PR disaster.

Data privacy and protection

When we collect personally identifiable financial information from you, the data is always secured by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Additionally, all personal credit card and payment information are not stored within EmailMeForm systems.

You also have an option to add a password to your form. This extra security enhances data protection for your form, limiting viewing access from certain parties.

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If you have any questions about PCI, GDPR, HIPAA or other compliance related matters, please email us at compliance@emailmeform.com.