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How Vault Works

When collecting, storing, processing or transmitting credit card data, you must follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or simply, PCI DSS. Failure of doing so puts your customers' info at risk to data breaches and your business from fines of up to $100,000 per month.

Vault is 100% PCI-Certified

EmailMeForm has undergone a full-scale audit of platform development, privacy, and procedure controls. After 10 years of advocating for secure online data collection, we’re focusing on conformance and compliance to help you meet evolving regulatory policies.

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Why smart businesses
choose Vault

PCI Certification

Vault has been fully audited by a qualified security assessor to ensure proper controls and security measures are present to protect the customer. This proof is PCI Certification. PCI compliance, which is just a self-assessment check, is just a claim.

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Strong Password
  • PCI Certificate (as requested)

Convenient workflow

Collect valid credit card data without calling your clients.

Avoid invalid transactions, account mischarges, and the "back-and-forth" emails or calls with the real-time cc verification.

Powerful integrations

Secure and seamless connection with 3rd party web applications like CRMs to eliminate manual, menial, and repetitive tasks. Work smarter and faster.

Fast set up and support

Our CustomWorks team can help set up your first credit card authorization form, automate your entire systems of forms, or integrate a digital signature on your waiver forms.

Security and peace of mind

Enjoy added layers of protection via the Strong Password and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) features. Nobody but you (and your appointed team members) can access and view the credit card info.

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Instant compliance for all businesses

With Vault, you can easily inherit compliance for your business whether it’s a startup
or an established company running for years. Vault is a PCI Level 2 Compliant
Web Form Provider and can help you with internal compliance initiatives.


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JUANITA S. testimonial

I love EmailMeForm I started out on a trial maybe 7 or 8 years ago. I love how they stay current with laws and requirements and pass that info down to users (in case they missed it)

JUANITA S.Travel and tour agency ownerS
Laura j. testimonial

I wish I had used EmailMeForm earlier. I like that once a client fills out a form, I immediately get an email notifying of that form, then go to site and print form off with all the private information for me to see. It makes my clients feel safer giving their private information instead of just texting or emailing it.

JANA B. testimonial

We need the ability for our members to fill out application forms and make purchases outside of our CRM. EmailMeForm provides that solutions. It is easy for all of our users to navigate and the price is within our budget

JANA B.Finance and Operations Manager

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Vault FAQ

Vault is a powerful security solution that you can use to collect credit cards under the highest PCI security standard.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or simply PCI is a set of strict rules and requirements for bodies that collect personal data and process payments online. These rules dictate how these sensitive data should be collected, stored, and transmitted on the Internet.

So if you’re gathering credit card information from your clients and intend to charge their credit cards on their behalf, you will need to comply with PCI.

Yes, EmailMeForm is PCI-certified. We have worked hard and sought the certification this year. We have been granted the Level 2 PCI Certification as of October 2018. This means that we are a form builder that has passed stringent requirements by the recognized PCI body worldwide. We have the systems, processes, and tools that let you gather and store credit card information securely online.

To join our exclusive Vault Program, fill-up this form right here or talk to our customer support to request a Vault trial.

Our Beginner Vault Plan starts at just $20 per month! Small teams and agency plans are also available, please sign up and contact us for detailed pricing.

The credit card information that you have collected will be stored in a secure cloud that is separate from our current database. The data will remain there until you will delete it.

Just send us a message here. We’ll enable it on your account after a few days.

Yes. We strongly suggest that you do not use the number field or any other field other than our special Vault-protected credit card field. Using such, even if they are masked and/or encrypted, will not ensure that your data is completely safe from breaches. This puts your clients – and your business – at risk.

As a PCI-certified form builder, we will not tolerate this practice. We will need to take precautionary measures to adhere to PCI policies 100%.

You should switch to the Vault field as soon as possible. You can refer to this guide here or ask our CustomWork specialists to do it for you. You can also talk to our Customer Support team if you have questions or concerns.

Yes, of course. We have our CustomWork specialists who can do the migration for you.

With Vault accounts, we’re sure that all the doors of potential attacks are tightly locked. Here are the security perks that come with it:

  • Strong Password. Before you enter your Vault-enabled account, you will be asked to choose a stronger password.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Second step is setting up MFA which requires you to use special codes when logging into your account. You will find step-by-step instructions on how to activate MFA on your next login.
  • Credit Card Field. You will find the new credit card field in your EmailMeForm form builder. Just drag it to your form and test the submission.
  • Secure Vault Storage. Once you start receiving credit card information from your forms, they will be stored in your secure Vault. You can retrieve it only from your account. The data will not be sent via submission notification emails.

Having MFA as a feature is part of the PCI requirement. MFA will always be part of the sign in process for Vault-enabled accounts.

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