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Anti-Spam Tools: Captcha Form

Use our proven Anti-Spam tools to prevent spam that go well beyond simple captcha forms. Our forms contain multiple anti-spam utilities like CAPTCHA image verification, IP address limits, and Keyword Blocking.


Image verification in captcha forms will only show when there's a likelihood of spam, auto-selected verification, allows reload and audio for visually impaired

For more advanced anti-spam protection, you can set up Smart reCAPTCHA in the admin settings. This tool has advanced verification algorithms to determine whether a user is human even before it displays image verification. The system will automatically decide whether or not to show reCAPTCHA and most of your users will never be asked to fill it in.

Highly Customizable CAPTCHA Field

Simple and secure captcha that is extremely easy to read, Select image verification, Customize background colors

Allow users to have an easier visual experience by using our Captcha Image Verification. This simple and secure captcha is easy to read and will be a breeze for your users to fill out. You can customize the colors to your heart's desire.

Limit Form Activity

Limit submissions for the same IP or the same computer, Multiple settings

You can easily limit the number of submissions on your forms to detect repeated submissions, which are common for spam bots.