Anti-spam tools – CAPTCHA form

Our proven anti-spam tools go well beyond a simple captcha option to offer you multiple layers of spam protection. Protect your forms with multiple anti-spam features like CAPTCHA image verification, IP address limits, and keyword blocking.

Only show CAPTCHA when needed

Image verification in captcha forms will only show when there's a likelihood of spam, auto-selected verification, allows reload and audio for visually impaired

Avoid stressing your form users with unnecessary checks. Choose Invisible reCAPTCHA and it will only show when a bot is detected. Normal human behavior is exempted. Google’s algorithm takes care of the monitoring and detection. By default, this anti-spam option is enabled on all your forms.

Highly customizable CAPTCHA field

Simple and secure captcha that is extremely easy to read, Select image verification, Customize background colors

To provide an easy visual experience to your users, choose our CAPTCHA Image Verification.

Limit form activity

Limit submissions for the same IP or the same computer, Multiple settings

Limit the number of submissions on your forms to prevent repeated submissions which are common for spam bots.