Multi-page advanced forms

In case your form or survey is extensive, you should consider pagination. Create multiple page forms and surveys that show your users their progress throughout the process. This makes them easier to fill in and more user-friendly.

Add to any form and organize your fields

Segment advanced forms into multiple pages. Just drag and drop Page Break field anywhere in the form, move fields around and organize them into pages.

Segment your advanced forms and surveys by adding pages in a few clicks. Simply drag and drop Page Break field anywhere into your form. Easily rearrange your form fields into the page sections by using our Form Builder interface.

Customize text, titles and buttons

Select page title color, font and style with Theme Builder, Custom label your pages, Use custom image buttons

Use our Theme builder to add styles, fonts and colors to your form's page numbers. Input your own text as page labels and easily customize your submit button to move the user to the next page (can be image or text).

Display a progress percentage bar

User-friendly progress bar shows the percentage of completeness, Change bar color and style, Show or hide page numbers

Encourage your users to fill in longer, advanced forms and surveys by informing them on their progress with a clear status bar. Select between page titles or an appealing percentage progress bar. Optionally, you may hide page numbers or progress indicator at the bottom of the forms.