Save & Resume survey feature

Do you have long and complex forms or surveys? Provide your users with an option to save their work and go back to it later when they have more time and concentration. Save & Resume allows users to save their progress which prevents your surveys from being left unfinished.

Save long paginated forms

Our survey design features allow saving your progress at any point of the form or survey.

When you activate Save & Resume, your form and survey takers will be able to save their progress at any point. The link will show up at the bottom of every page.

Activate with one click

Available in Form Settings, One-Click Activate, Optionally limit time to complete

Easily activate Save & Resume in the Form Settings by clicking "Enable Save & Resume". You can optionally allow users a specified time to complete the form. A friendly message and custom Resume Link will automatically be shown after saving.

Monitor the form status

View status and entered form data, Visualize Progress, Replace user's lost save and resume links

As an administrator, you can monitor the form status, view form fields that are already filled out, and easily send the user their "Save & Resume" link if they misplace it.